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We are surrounded by opportunities to experience and understand God’s world, whether it be plants and animals or the people around us. God’s World of Fourth Grade Science is a 36-week course taught by Rebecca West during which students will discuss topics such as the scientific method, plant and animal life, plant and animal structure, matter and materials, our earth and solar system, and more. Each lesson lasts two weeks and consists of reading, two optional labs, worksheets, and a short quiz. Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders is a series of articles written by Stacey Lotshaw that will help parents to better understand their children’s sensory processing disorders (SPDs) and set them up to succeed instead of fail. Stacey looks at what SPDs are and are not and how parents can help children excel, as well as offering plenty of encouragement for parents along the way. Throughout the year, she will discuss Sensory Modulation Disorder, Sensory Discrimination Disorder, and Sensory-Based Motor Disorder; the seven senses (including proprioception and vestibular) as they relate to SPD; where to go for help, creating a sensory friendly school experience, and more.


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