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The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud (Amazing Tales of Max & Liz)

By Jenny L. Cote
AMG Publishers

Would you like to have experienced the Biblical Flood or at least been a part of gathering the animals two by two? In the 432-page book, The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud (Amazing Tales of Max & Liz) by Jenny L. Cote, you can do just that. This hefty softcover book is the first in the Biblically based series The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz from AMG Publishers and is a mix of Biblical truths, fun imagination, and a plethora of adventure. Main characters Max and Liz, who just happen to be a small but fierce dog from Scotland and a sleek, proper cat from France, are joined by new friends as they journey from their homes to meet and assist Noah and his family in loading the ark, enduring the almost year-long journey, and repopulating the Earth.  Led from continent to continent following the Voice, the animals are tested in their strength, determination, and faith.

As a Christian homeschool family, we thoroughly enjoyed this book, a solid mixture of Biblical truth and imaginative whimsy. Author Cote catches the reader’s attention and draws them into the story with her attention to detail and her use of authentic accents and speech for each character.

This is part of a review of The Ark, the Reed, & the Firecloud from AMG Publishers. Read the full review on our site.

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