Winter Signs by Joleen Steel - The Old Schoolhouse


Winter Signs

By Joleen Steel

Ah yes, the winter season is well underway. The littles are eager to play in the snow, sit sweetly by the fire and enjoy quiet days at home. Screeching halt, right there. That beautiful scene is how we like to imagine our winter days. But, it is more likely our littles will come in crying from the snowball that smacked them in the face. They will pile sopping wet gloves and socks by the door and flop down on the couch with that dreaded statement, “I’m bored!” No worries, though. Here are three sign-painting activities that will chase away the winter blues:


White & Black Chalk paint

Acrylic paints


4x5 canvas boards

A roll of tape


Wooden clothespin


Paint your Canvas with chalk paint. Let dry. Place a roll of tape in the middle of the canvas and trace inside and outside the roll. Dip Q-Tips in acrylic paint and create a wreath using lines as your guide. Let dry. Use a white or black sharpie to write the word or letter of your choice.

For the Pussy Willow sign, draw the branches and paint them brown. Make Pussy willow heads by painting a slightly pointed white oval. Dot the ends with two different colors of brown. Write the words with pencil and trace over with a sharpie.

Merry & Bright requires a fan brush to create the pine needles. Draw the branches and paint brown. Dip the tips of your fan brush into green paint. Moving outward from the branch paint the needles. Dip brush into white paint and paint the needle points. Use the Q-tip to dot red berries on the branches.

Write the words with pencil and trace over with a sharpie.

To finish paint clothespins matching colors. Enjoy!


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