Imagination Builder Pet Rock Project


Revving up your children’s imagination isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes we think we have to put in lots of our own energy to set up creative projects for our kids. Truth is, they can be encouraged to let their imagination flow with the simplest of activities. Making a pet rock can jumpstart creative thinking and keep it in motion as children create their pet and play with it.

Before you pass this off as something that your highly active child won’t stick with for more than two minutes, take some time to consider how you can gear this project to their interests. Their ‘pet’ can be anything they want, and their playtime can involve an interactive family of rocks.

These are so easy to make that your kids will likely make a few of them all at once. It is also a great family project, and all ages can take part in the imaginative experience.



  • Rocks (If you can’t find some appropriate ones in the great outdoors, check out craft and dollar stores where you can usually find craft rocks.)
  • Paint (Offer paint that gives a thin all-over colour and other kinds of paint that will create a textured feel to the finished project.)
  • Permanent Markers
  • Any other craft supplies to get creative with: googly eyes, yarn, glitter, etc.



  1. Lay down one of your favourite rocks on a prepared surface for painting.
  2. Use the paint for colour and texture – you may need to let it dry between different styles of painting.
  3. After the rock has been given its ‘look’ with the paint, use the markers to add detail like eyes, mouth, or other little features to give your new pet some personality.
  4. Add other features as desired.
  5. Start over with another rock!


Get inspired and be amazed at the advanced and simple painting of rocks on our Pinterest board. You’ll especially want to check out the expert painting of a bunny on a rock – it’s pretty close to the real thing!


"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).