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If your middle and high school students are reluctant to jump right back into their writing curriculum after the nice, long break, take it slow. has two mini-courses from Sharon Watson that will provide a feeling of accomplishment, while teaching them some necessary skills. During the ten weeks of Writing: Compare/Contrast students will learn the fine art of comparing and contrasting in sentences, paragraphs, Ping-Pongs, review and organization, dovetailing, description in fiction, the Block Method, the Feature Method, similarities and differences. Through written instruction, humorous images, and topics of interest, students will become skilled in this style of writing few have mastered. Writing: Advertising Copy is a three-week mini-course that helps students incorporate the methods used in advertising in their own writing and helps them identify those methods when they see them in the advertising they read. This course touches on some of the emotions that advertising appeals and how understanding the way that is done can help your student in their own writing. Every writer can benefit and improve their communication skills by learning how to use the tools employed in writing advertising, even if the writer is not trying to sell a product.


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