Rabbits and Revolution

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I know, you think I’ve gone off my rocker. “Rabbits have nothing to do with revolutions,” you say. They do if they are two of the newest courses on American Revolution with A. K. Fielding is a nine-week course that introduces middle school students to the key battles—Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, etc.—and players—Henry Knox, Ethan Allen, Israel Putnam, Nathan Hale, Benedict Arnold, George Washington, and more—of the Revolutionary War and incorporates history, geography, reading, critical thinking and analysis, and cursive writing throughout. Students can also learn about the role different groups played in the war such as spies, loyalists, patriots, Native Americans, minutemen, and women. Exploring God’s World with Kindergarten Science is where our rabbit comes in. Jennifer Chandler combines young children’s love of animals and nature with easy-to-follow short stories and tons of hands-on activities in this course containing ninety bite-sized lessons. The main text of this class is a collection of short stories about a brother and sister, Harry and Dora, and their parents as they learn about the world around them, including cats and dogs, buttercups and wheat, chalk, mice, rabbits, ivy, donkeys, sheep, herbs, coffee, and more.


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