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A Night of Reformation: Celebrating the Reformation with Family and Friends Review by Deborah Wuehler

By Pam Forster

Pam Forster of Doorposts has written an extensive guide to celebrating the Reformation and all its heroes. A Night of Reformation comes in a three-ring binder that covers everything you would need to have either a Reformation Celebration or a very entertaining and informative unit study for your homeschool curriculum.

Why celebrate Reformation Day? Pam says, "Parents want their children to have godly heroes - men and women who trusted God and obeyed Him, regardless of the cost." What a dynamic thing to teach our children! She goes on to say about her own past celebrations, "We have always learned more about the men that God so powerfully used during the Reformation, and we have always come away challenged to be used by God to reform our own lives and the culture around us."

There are 166 pages of plans and activities for the Reformation Celebration covering everything from having a play to giving a quiz to playing games to making craft projects. You can set up different "booths" at the Celebration, such as a Stained Glass Shop where you can make a stained glass candy window or The Herb Shop where you make a sachet. Or, you can go to The Augustinian Monastery where you "illuminate" a verse of Scripture, or go to the All Saints Church to reenact Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Church. As children attend the booths, others may be going around trying to sell indulgences to the crowd or acting out the part of a Reformer.

Provided in the binder are suggested resources on Martin Luther, John Calvin, Martin Bucer, and other Reformers. Included in the flap of the binder you will find mini-books on the three main Reformers, a Psalter, a program of events, and a Certificate of Merit for the completion of a Reformation Day project. If you're not sure of what it is to "illuminate" a Scripture, who Martin Bucer is, or even what the Reformation is all about, Doorposts has put together tons of exciting history with tons of fun wrapped up in a wonderful book called A Night of Reformation: Celebrating the Reformation with Family and Friends. It's well worth its weight in indulgences!

-- Product Review by Deborah Wuehler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC