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Hands-On Dad Review by Nancy Wagner

By Rick Boyer
The Learning Parent
2430 Sunnymeade Rd
Rustberg, VA 24588

This book is written specifically for Christian fathers of homeschool families. Rick is certainly experienced in this occupation with 14 children, and has a LOT of good information to give in very practical ways. With good scriptural references and a bit of humor, Rick explains how he sees the Christian father's role as provider, motivator, leader, teacher, protector, father, and disciplinarian.

As a wife, I like his viewpoint on being the leader of the family. Dad needs to be not only agreeable to homeschooling, but supportive in practical ways such as assisting with explanations to family and friends and upholding the decision to homeschool, thus taking the heat off Mom. Dad also needs to be involved with the homeschooling. Not all fathers have the time to teach, but any father can grade a few papers in the evening, put a sticker on the page, and tell the child "good job!" That alone imparts to the child that Dad and Mom are united on education and that Dad values education.

He also brings up the idea that it is the Dad's job to teach the children, especially sons, a way to make a living. He is a strong advocate of the Biblical way of Dad apprenticing his son starting about the age of 12 to teach him a skill. That may not be the job the child will do or even wants to do for the rest of his life, but he will have a marketable skill to fall back on in tough times.

In short, this book is an excellent primer on being a good Christian father and I would highly recommend it.

--Product Review by: Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine