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Dragon Naturally Speaking Review by Karen Houston

Dragon Software

If your eyes are not the best or your arms start to hurt when you're at the computer, this is the software review for you! This is perhaps also the shortest review you will ever see - but please be patient, you'll see why very soon.

Dragon has software versions beginning at what your kids can buy and use, upgrades to what doctors and lawyers use as the backbones (ha, ha - good joke, eh?) for their entire office systems, and many more in between - for all us other folks!

We have been using Dragon speech now for around two years.

My arms are destroyed by what I do for a living, the hours I do it every day, multiplied by the years I've been doing it; so we desperately needed a speech program that really does work. Not only that, but one that would not take away my portion of our livelihood while I SET IT UP! That's Dragon. (Just for your information, I've been in the computer biz since 1978, and have sold many other brands. No offense intended, but this is personal!)

Our situation is very simple. I wouldn't be able to work anymore without Dragon, and certainly would not be writing this review! A couple of years ago, frustrated with my injury and "casting my eyes about," I checked out a competitor's company, but the entire interview process came to an abrupt halt when their equipment was not compatible with Dragon - that was the end of them! I'm very glad it was. Our family is currently in the market for our next Dragon upgrade, because I really need the version that....

-- Product review by: Karen Houston, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine