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Logo Works: Lessons in Logo / Terrapin Logo Programming Software Review by Nancy King and Kimberly Wampler

By Sheila Cory and Margie Walker
Terrapin Logo Software
955 Massachusetts Avenue #365
Cambridge, MA 02139-3233
800-774-LOGO (toll-free in USA and Canada)

Terrapin Logo is an amazing programming language for students of almost any age. The programming language was created in the late 60s in Boston, Massachusetts, for Mathematical and Logic Development. The software is very adaptable and allows students to play the role of teacher within the course. Logo is very easy to learn and allows a student to learn at any pace.

Terrapin Logo uses a turtle, for the most part, to navigate with. Commands are entered into a smaller window, and the turtle follows those commands. Logic plays an important role in the software by teaching that if you follow the commands demonstrated in the booklets, different shapes of any size can be programmed into a computer. These commands can then be saved and repeated at a later time. For example, if the following command is done correctly, it will make a triangle:

Forward 100 Right 120
Forward 100 Right 120
Forward 100 Right 120

While this may seem complicated and hard to read at first, it's actually very easy to follow the commands. Forward 100 is basically telling the turtle robot to walk straight up from its position at about one-quarter of an inch. There's also a separate viewing screen that gives you a guide before you would actually enter the language for each task, so that if the programming is too much or too little it can be adjusted before the final operation is performed. After the text has been entered and saved, the user can click the Repeat button to perform that operation at any time. I feel that this program would be great for any age. In the process of teaching programming, it also teaches math, logic, critical thinking, colors, numbers, and sequential skills.

I would buy this program for use in a group of children, because they would get good experience in teamwork by helping one another out. The student workbook is a good price for all the activities that are included.

Product review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2008

Logo works is software that is aimed at younger people to help them understand computer language to help them more as they get older and start to really program. This is a complete package for and comes with one CD, Logo works lesson book, Reference Manuel Book, Tutorial Book, Quick Reference Pamphlet, Getting Started Pamphlet. I would say that this is aimed at children 5th grade and up.

The software is easy to install, and after installation you pop in the CD and it comes into the program to get started. Now they take out their lesson book and they are on there way to starting to learn programming.

So far we have not run across problems with the program, it is a lot of fun for my boys who are 4th and 6th grade to work together with. There is a little turtle in the middle of the screen and depending on the command that you put is where your turtle moves to. While the turtle is moving it leaves a line behind it which ends up leaving a design.

So if you have children who are really are into computers this is a different kind of program and can really be a hit. My boys will ask me to find the CD so they can play and it is educational.

Product review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2008 and
Product Review by Kimberley Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine