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Peril of Islam - Telling the Truth Review by The Old Schoolhouse

By: Dr. Gene Gurganus
Truth Publishers

If you, or your high school students, want to understand the background, beliefs and basic history of Islam, Muslims, and of the 'so-called' prophet Mohammad I would recommend reading Peril of Islam. This is an easy to read, relatively short (approx. 160 pages) guide, and is lain out in an easy to understand format.

It begins with the history and the person of Mohammad, the man who began his ministry, and the birth of a new religion 600 years after life of Christ. The history is bizarre and intriguing. What began as a seemingly peaceful ideology soon grew into a bloody pursuit of power and domination.

Peril of Islam is a fascinating read and easy enough for a high school, or even junior high student, to understand. This book gave me a basic grasp of not only the history and the basic beliefs of this system, but also gave a warning of the dangers that are in this system, and some possible threats that it may pose for America, and even the world.

Gene Gurganus also dedicates a chapter on how to win the respect and build friendships with individual Muslims in order to share the true gospel of God and the only savior, Jesus the Christ. As a missionary pastor who lived in Muslim country for 17 years, Mr. Gurganus speaks with the authority of one who knows the culture, the people, and has a firm understanding of what it is that the Muslim system of belief requires of its believers.

The views that the Muslim extremist hold certainly make one sit up and take note; this book also gives a chilling account of the influence that Muslim leaders wield. For a quick study (and practical application in dealing with this subject), I would recommend this for both Christian parents as well as their high school students.

-- Product Review by: The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine