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Veritas Press: New Testament, Greece and Rome Homeschool Kit Vertias Press: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation Homeschool Kit Review by Diane Wheeler

Do you enjoy teaching world history in a chronological sequence? Would you like a rigorous program that includes a teacher's manual full of information and assessment? Do you like a blend of memorization, creative projects and literature study? Good news! Veritas Press has an excellent resource available for you in their award-winning history curriculum.

Starting with the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt, this five-year series continues through the New Testament, Greece and Rome; the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation; Explorers to 1815 and 1815 to the Present. Authors Marlin and Laurie Detweiler say in their catalog, "We were convinced that we wanted to teach history chronologically, integrating biblically recorded history with events not recorded in Scripture. After all, if God is sovereign, then He has ruled through all of history." Their topic choices reflect this commitment.

These homeschool kits feature a pack of thirty-two cards with information on a specific event, person or culture, a teacher's manual, and an audiocassette to aid in memorization.

The thirty-two cards have the name and date of the topic being studied, a brief summary of the material, and a list of resources for further study. These are lovely cards and often have art or artifacts pictured on the front. If you keep to a traditional thirty-six week school year, one card is studied each week, leaving four weeks for review, testing, or further study.

The teacher's manual includes a worksheet of questions, at least one project and a review test for each card. In addition, there are craft projects, maps, research projects, literature study guides, and more. As I look at the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation manual, I find plans to set up a war room mapping Barbarian invasions, a pattern for Charlemagne's crown, a map of the Holy Roman Empire, a thorough unit studying Beowulf, a script for a play of The Door in the Wall and much, much more!

The audiocassette has the topics and dates put to music. Use this as a part of your school time, or just bring it along in the car as you run errands, and the music will help you to learn the sequence of events for that period of history.

Veritas Press has a catalog with curriculum in all subject areas. To see more or to request a catalog, visit their website at For a systematic study of history in the grammar school years that is both fun and challenging, I highly recommend Veritas Press materials.

-- Product Review Staffer: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine