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Ancient Civilizations and the Bible: From Creation to Christ/True Tales from the times of Ancient Civilizations and the Bible (audio tape) Review by Lisa Barthuly and Family

By: Diana Waring: History Alive!

WOW! I understand why Diana Waring calls her company "History Alive!" She brings history to life in a way that engages students (and entire families) in a way not often seen! Diana's approach to history is that of learning and teaching history from a Biblical worldview, and chronologically, as it should be! She incorporates all learning styles, so students are self-motivated and excited about learning through an amazing variety of activities, lessons and living books!

Diana has her nine-month curriculum broken down into units: Creation and The Flood, The Rise of Civilization, Egypt and The Exodus, The Children of Israel, Assyria and Babylon: The Mesopotamian Conquerors, The Persians and Medes, Greece and The Hellenists, The Rise of Rome, and Jesus Christ: Emmanuel. The structure of each unit is as follows: Week One: Introduction (Includes articles, audio recording, pertinent Scripture readings, discussion questions and a wonderful array of suggested titles (based on your choice) for further reading). Week Two: Exploration & Discovery (Dive deeper into specific areas of interest, create a timeline of significant people and events, and learn vocabulary specific to period of time). Week Three: Hands On (TONS of hands-on activities, mapping, art projects, cooking, science experiments, and more!). Week Four: Expression (this is so fun! choose your way of expressing what you've learned through creative writing, poetry, journalism, cartooning, sculpture, puppetry, dance...the list goes on). Diana has built this curriculum with a firm and wide foundation, to include the four learning styles, three learning modalities and the Eight Intelligence's - all incorporated into the curriculum as a whole.

Diana understands that we do not all learn the same, nor ENJOY learning the same way, but encourages us to learn and teach in the way that suits each individual best, and therefore makes learning exciting and FUN! There is such a wide range of ways to learn about a specific time period, and that is encouraged here! Diana's audio tape True Tales is a wonderful companion to this curriculum and covers topics of: Dates for Creation, Early Man, The Table of Nations, Discovery of Ninevah, Discovery of Troy, The Rosetta Stone, and the Discovery of Ur. We really enjoyed this tape. Diana's excitement and enthusiasm really shine through in her recordings!

Diana offers so much in the way of options and choices in her curriculum, yet it is organized, and not overwhelming. She makes it really simple for us as we teach our children to tailor and customize this curriculum to each of our children. We have just loved Ancient Civilizations and the Bible. If you can't get excited about history from Diana Warings curriculums, you can't get excited about history! Very Highly Recommended!

-- Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly and Family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine