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Beginning Reading Instruction-Course I Review by Teri Lucas


Beginning Reading Instruction-Course I from 3RsPlus is a simple to use, basic, low-impact, self-paced reading course designed for minimal stress and optimal success in teaching reading. The entire course is on a CD that contains 25 printable Beginning Reader Books, which are 16-20 pages in length. Each book has an information guide with plot summary, a list of new words and sounds, story review questions, teaching tips, a how-to guide, trouble shooting information, printable flash cards, and a section explaining how to know if "your child's got it." The CD also includes BRI instructional procedures, printable posters, and a video demo.

Course I introduces 23 different sounds in various combinations. Book I is available as a free download from the website It begins by teaching the sounds "I ", "Ss", "a", "m", and "ee". Three words are introduced: "I", "Sam", and "see". (Note: You must download book I from the website as the CD contains only books 2 through 25.) I liked the fact that everything is printed in a black and white format providing little visual distraction for the beginning reader. This not only makes it easier for eye tracking, but also works extremely well in instructing special needs children. Children could color in the pictures after they have mastered each text, which makes every book truly their own creation!

There will be four courses in the Beginner Reader Program and the cost is $20 per course and includes shipping and handling. Courses II, III, and IV are in production ready form, but are not yet available for purchase. The estimated cost per course is $20. There will also be two Qualified Reader Courses that are designed to follow the Beginner Reader Program. 3RsPlus also has a Kindergarten Prep Course in the works. All courses will also provide a "“certification of capability," if desired.

Mr. Schultz, President of 3RsPlus, states that they have used Beginning Reading Instruction-I with good success with many children who were previously viewed as incapable of learning to read. Additional information on the development of BRI-I and further research conducted by 3RsPlus is available on their website.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine