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Tyndale House Publishers Review by Jenefer Igarashi and 3 others

Making it Clear Since 1962

Want to know if the book you are considering will be worthwhile? Just turn it over and look for the Tyndale House name! I noticed Tyndale House a few years ago, after reading one of my all time favorite books, Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. Now, after the chance to review some of their line, and after doing a bit of research on the company itself, I am impressed with not only the treasure chest of resources they provide, but with who Tyndale House Publishers are, and the foundational reasons that brought about their humble beginnings.

Tyndale Publishing House was born 40 years ago, by Ken Taylor, a man who loved God and wanted to reach others with the message of Jesus at a heart level - primarily, his children, for whom he wrote The Living Bible. The vision of reaching others with the message and hope of Christ - in a way that it understandable and clear - seems to be at the very heart of Tyndale Publishing House, and is still evident today. Everything I have seen from Tyndale as of yet has a solid, foundational, knowledge of true Christian Orthodoxy and doctrine. You will want to read the Tyndale story at It's great!

Also, check their website,, as they have free daily devotionals that you can sign up to have delivered to your e-mail box. I signed up for this, and was impressed with the relevant, straight-to-the-heart messages offered in concise, daily segments that really were encouraging

To get a good indication of who Tyndale House is, consider those who have trusted Tyndale to bring their message to the world - Focus on the Family, Josh McDowell, Billy Graham, James Dobson, R.C. Sproul, and Greg Laurie - names that have made tremendous impacts on the lives of many. Tyndale House has been blessed, and has been blessing others, throughout the last 40 years, and are now leaders in the Christian publishing world, offering the very best titles in exciting, inspiring and entertaining books. Our review staff was delighted at the task of assessing the work offered by Tyndale. They offer the best in fiction and non-fiction alike. We have some great suggestions that we think will bless your family as it did ours. So get your hot cup of tea, call out your student for reading time, and curl up on the couch with your Tyndale books and expect to be inspired!

On a personal note, it was the book, "More Than a Carpenter," by Josh McDowell, that led me to a saving faith in Christ. If you have a "thinker" in your life - one who refuses to be led down a path by emotion or blind faith - get this book for them. It is incredible. And thank you to the author and publisher, whom God used mightily, in part, to bring a hard-hearted doubter to Him.

-- Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Passed Thru Fire
By Rick Bundschuh

Tyndale is always sending us the neatest books! My husband, Paul, grabbed this little gem and began reading it the week it came in. Rick Bundschuh's Passed Thru Fire inspires action on the part of parents to bring their boys into manhood as a "rite of passage." The idea is to bring sons up as godly men. Jim Burns, President of YouthBuilders, calls it "a defining book for this generation." When you look around at today's generation, you'd have to agree. This culture needs help. The Christian community is not much different from the world, but we need to be different. Table of contents are: The Boys' Club; Geldings and Stallions; A Cause, a Hero, and a Flag; Why Men Don't Go to Church; Man Hungry; Teaching to Their Disadvantage; How a Man is Made; Help for Distant Dads and Single Moms; Initiation; and What the Church Must Do.

My husband has only read a small portion so far, but what he read had him laughing out loud. It looks wonderful, inspiring. A great gift for Father's Day or new dads. Also includes a section for single moms. Excellent!

-- Product Review by: Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

PublishersWalk: Spiritual insight from your favorite musicians

Rebecca St. James, Jaci Velasquez, Jennifer Knapp, Ginny Owens, and Joy Williams - these are just a few of the many female Christian musicians that have contributed to Walk, a book full of short, encouraging stories about the artists' lives and practical advice to help teen girls focus their eyes on God rather than the things of the world. The artists reveal some of their problems: Rebecca St. James struggles with loneliness, Jennifer Knapp with selfishness, Jaci Velasquez with materialism. And they tell how they are trying to overcome these problems. This book is also filled with Scripture passages, pictures of the artists, and at the end of each "story," there are questions. It is an absolutely beautiful book and I read the whole thing in about an hour because I was enjoying it so much. I would definitely recommend it to others.

-- Product review by: Coie Igarashi, age 14, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Story of Creation
Illustrated by Norman Messenger

Lovely, breathtaking, wonderfully detailed, perfect blend of color and images - words fail to accurately describe this book illustrated by the brilliantly talented Mr. Norman Messenger. You simply have to see it to understand what a marvelous work this truly is. A plethora of "Ooooooohhhhs" and "Aaaaaaaaahhhhs" erupted from my little band of five when we settled down for our evening story time. There is simply so much to see on every page! The Creation Story, put out by Tyndale/DK books, would make a great addition to any nursery, and/ or homeschool library. You will want to frame it and hang it on your wall! On every page, the Creation story is laid out simply and relatively short with a day-by-day account, which is perfectly suited, being that the story truly comes to life with the illustrations. Hard back with a dust jacket, this book would also be a splendid choice to give as a gift.

An aspect that I really like is the way this book can be used for the younger ones as a resource to help remember the Creation story. I was able to read the text, and then go through the book and ask, "What happened on the third day?" and then hold up the open pages for them to see (and relate back), "God created the plants and trees, and lots and lots of food!" All of us enjoyed this book, and we have it proudly displayed on our top bookshelf, in easy reach to pull down and look through often.

All of my children were anxious to come up and point to which pictures they liked best. My five-year-old son, however, was tremendously stressed out to find that God did not originally create Adam and Eve with any clothes (they are discreetly covered in the book, of course), when the subject came up. He simply cannot comprehend the whole idea, so this may be an interesting week. For a beautiful book - a work of art in its own right - presenting the remarkable story of the very first week, I do not believe that you could do any better than The Creation Story offered by Tyndale House.

-- Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Forbidden Doors
By Bill Myers

Forbidden Doors is a wonderful series of books that I would recommend to any teen Christian, and even to some adults. They're easy reading and keep you on the edge of your seat. The plots are wonderful, and as every book continues the story, you learn more and more about the Christian faith, the armor of God, and the Holy Spirit, which is essential for the daily life of any Christian, young and old.

As a teenager and freshman in high school, these series of books really made me wake up to the real world and know what is really out there. We feel safe and secure hiding under God's protective wing, but the devil himself can attack us by luring us into the open. Forbidden Doors shows certain examples, different plots, and hellish encounters anyone can face, and basically runs you through what you need and how you should approach them. Each character shows triumph - each character shows a certain kind of love.

The Forbidden Doors series is something that can encourage you in times of need, lighten your mood, and wake you up to the amazing God that loves us and cares for us, through everything. The books show you that you are loved, they show you how to keep your faith, and they teach you how to grow. They're amazing!

-- Product review by: Erin Olbrich, age 14, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Publishers' note: Tyndale House is a superb publishing house that makes available great study aids for homeschool families everywhere. A company dedicated to publishing quality materials, Tyndale House has impressed us with their friendly demeanor and open acceptance of homeschoolers. We took a look at a number of items - one of them Bible Atlas, a DK book. If you are familiar with the quality of DK, you will know that this atlas would not be less than tremendous. It's huge. Hardback and beautiful, it covers the Bible lands, mapping the world of the Bible, the Old Testament, the journeys of the patriarchs, the Israelites in Egypt, the promised land, Israel and the Philistines, David's kingdom, Solomon's temple, the divided kingdom, Babylon, the Persian Empire, the New Testament, Jesus' birth and early life, the ministry of Jesus, His death and resurrection, the early church, and more. I love the A-Z of Bible Places section. This is a must-have for any homeschool family learning Bible history. It's superb for geography class and any history study. This is not your boring, run of the mill atlas. It's a historical atlas - big difference. Teach your kids about the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Nile River, Gaza, excavations at Masada. Check out handiworks made thousands of years ago, like a beautiful jug in the shape of a bull made in Cyprus, but imported to Canaan. Fascinating. I want to visit the Holy Lands! I visited there as a teen and now long to return with my spouse and children! Very attractive, easy to understand, and richly illustrated, this book written by Dr. Stephen Motyer is a gem. Thanks, Tyndale!