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Great Source Education Group Review by Christine Field

"If you are concerned about study skills, check out these books."

This neat company is little known among home schoolers. Too bad! Their products are well written, exciting, and appealing! The person who is the Illinois sales representative for the company is a friend who has been sharing books and other neat stuff to use with my kids. It occurred to me that I should share this great company with other home schoolers. So let's spread the great news about Great Source!

You may have heard of some of their writing products. Writer's Inc: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning is their resource for grades nine through 12. It provides complete coverage of the process of writing, and includes research and study skills. Write Source 2000: A Guide to Writing, Thinking and Learning is their offering for grades six through eight with the same complete coverage. Write on Track: A Handbook for Young Writers, Thinkers and Learners is intended for students in the third grade. Whether you use these colorful, appealing volumes as resource books or as the cornerstone of your writing program, your kids will really love them!

The Reader's Handbook is designed to help the student build comprehension skills in multiple subject areas. It is available in two levels, grades four through five and six through eight. These books are really unique because they help the student learn how to gain knowledge in the various subject areas. The student is instructed in reading nonfiction, reading fiction, reading poetry, reading drama, reading on the Internet, reading graphics, reading for tests, and more. The student is given strategies for note taking, summarizing, and synthesizing. If you are concerned about study skills, check out these books.

Great Source is also your source for science and math materials. Their book, Sciencesaurus: A Student Handbook, is simply wonderful! Intended for middle-school students, the book provides coverage of all the major areas, including life, physical, earth science, as well as natural resources and the environment. This volume is a great companion to any science program and is a handy reference for any student.

They also have a complete line of mathematics books. Math to Know is for grades three through four and offers student-friendly treatment of grade level topics. Math on Call is for grades six through eight and is described as the middle schoolers' portable memory! Algebra to Go and Geometry to Go round out their math offerings with well-written, student-friendly coverage of all major topics.

Whether you are looking for some core materials to use in your curriculum, some reference sources or some unique items to spice up your home school program, check out Great Source at 1-800-289-4490.

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine