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Nature Friend Magazine Review by Coie Igarashi and Gena Suarez

4253 Woodcock Lane
Dayton, VA 22821

Nature Friend is a delightful magazine for kids of all ages who love nature and science. This magazine is PACKED with interesting facts, puzzles, quizzes, a drawing section, and more. I read the December 2002 issue (it comes out monthly) cover to cover and saw fun projects to do, such as making a Snowman Bird Feeder, making fog in a glass, and making a Peanut Butter Bird Feeder. Lots of articles to pique a child's interest, for sure!

I like the fact that Nature Friend is Christian in orientation. This means there is no confusion with evolution as there can be with many other nature magazines out there. Caution is called for (as a rule) in the science realm, but Nature Friend allows my mom to relax. No worries about flaky stuff.

Nature Friend introduces readers to fun, little known animals in a great way and weaves in Bible lessons at the same time.

You can send in pictures and poems to be published and nature questions to be answered.

Nature Friend is just SO fun AND educational at the same time. You and your child will absolutely love going through this wonderful magazine!

-- Product Review by Coie Igarashi, age 14 (TOS Senior Editor, Jenefer Igarashi's daughter)

Publisher's note: I love Nature Friend! "Helping children explore the wonders of God's creation" is their motto - a motto that describes this children's magazine well!

I would call Nature Friend the "Christian National Geographic, but for youngsters." My own children dove right in. At $32 per year, who can beat the price? Great tool for homeschool families, to be sure!

-- Product Review by: Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine