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Gifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide for Homeschooling Families Review by Christine Field and Tina Rice

By: Janice Baker, Kathleen Julicher, and Maggie Hogan
Bright Ideas Press

Do you suspect, or absolutely KNOW, that you are dealing with a gifted child? Then you simply must check out Gifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide for Homeschooling Families by Janice Baker, Kathleen Julicher and Maggie Hogan. This volume is the COMPLETE guide for meeting the needs of gifted children. These ladies have the personal experience and knowledge to guide us to the best for our kids. Their book first helps us figure out how to know if our child is gifted, and then helps us to decide if home schooling is appropriate. Then it moves to the nitty-gritty of the task: what to teach, how to choose curriculum, acceleration and grade skipping, preparing for high school, record keeping, entering contests, and more. What I appreciated most about this book was their respect and consideration for parenting the whole child - their brains, their bodies, their hearts. It is written from the perspective of wanting to see the development of the whole person, not just their superior intellectual abilities. If you read only one book about teaching gifted children, this should be the one. It provides thorough, complete, but also heartfelt and mommy-tested advice and ideas.

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

And another perspective on this book:

Gifted Children at Home, by Janice Baker, Kathleen Julicher and Maggie Hogan, is a guide to finding the best educational options for your gifted child. Chapter titles include: How Do I Know if my Child's Gifted?, Homeschooling 101, What to Teach, Activities for Gifted Children, Record keeping, and more. This is an enlightening book to have on hand if you think you have a gifted child and is a vast resource for any family blessed with a gifted child. This book also contains a 16-page resource section of curriculum suppliers, correspondence schools, online learning, magazines and organizations for the gifted, a guide to distance learning, and forms to keep track of your gifted child's high school education.

-- Product Review by: Tina Rice, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine