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MasterWriter Review by Sarah Roth

MasterWriter, Inc.
805 892 2656

All writers, from students to professionals, have times when they are stuck searching for the best word or phrase for their work. MasterWriter is online writing software by MasterWriter, Inc. that provides many tools to assist writers. It is available as an online subscription service. A license to the site is $9.95 per month, $99.95 for one year, or $149.95 for two years. There are two versions available- the songwriter and the creative writer. I reviewed the creative writer version.

With the increasing amount of AI software, it is important to note that this is not AI writing software; the writer creates their own work. Because MasterWriter is cloud-based software, projects save automatically in the cloud, allowing the writer to work from any computer, tablet, or smart phone connected to the internet. The ability to switch between devices is a great feature for writers and homeschoolers on the go. It is very easy to use on both my phone and computer, but I do prefer using it on my computer because I like the larger screen when writing.

Some of the features on MasterWriter include a basic word processing program, searchable reference libraries, a dictionary, a place to store collected words, spellcheck, an audio recording feature, and a searchable Bible. Writers can also search for names of people, places, and things around the world and throughout history, and they can read the Wikipedia entry on these subjects while in MasterWriter. This can help writers choose who or what they need to research to add details to their work.

The searchable reference library includes a rhyming dictionary. This tool allows the writer to filter words and phrases by the closeness of the rhyme and the number of syllables the word contains. This is especially beneficial for song and poetry writing. There are also dictionaries of phrases, word families, speech types, and synonyms. The filter feature allows the writer to search for words based on part of speech, word type, number of syllables, and beginning letter.

Writers do not need to upload or create projects in MasterWriter to use these tools. However, a split screen allows the writer to view a saved project and the tools at the same time. The split screen is nice when working on shorter projects, but for longer projects I prefer using my regular word processing program with MasterWriter available in a minimized form.

MasterWriter began over twenty years ago as software for songwriters, and the audio recording feature it has is a great tool for songwriters who want to record melodies to save with their lyrics. Writers who want to record themselves reading their work will also benefit from this feature. Listening to the recording play back can be very helpful when editing.

Some possible uses for MasterWriter in a homeschool setting include using it to show examples of alliteration, synonyms, word families, rhyming, syllables and more while working on a writing project. The ability to save, organize, and compare multiple versions of a project provides a great way to show a student how a certain word or phrase can change or enhance their writing. Students interested in songwriting will likely enjoy the audio recording feature to record their melodies along with their lyrics.

One possible negative to MasterWriter is that the writer must be on a device connected to the internet to use it. For individuals and families who desire to limit screen time or online activity, this may not be the best choice. The advantages of this being online software are that updates are automatic and it is easy to move between devices with projects saved in the cloud.

Although all writers can benefit from the features that MasterWriter provides, after using it for several weeks myself, I find it most beneficial for lyrics and poetry. The audio recording feature, rhyming dictionary with syllable filter, and ability to compare versions of a project side-by-side are very helpful. Writers focusing on other types of writing, including novels, will benefit from MasterWriter, but they will likely want additional tools as well.

-Product review by Sarah Roth, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2023