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Christ’s Girl - Experiencing Jesus and the Vibrant Life You Were Created for in Him Review by Danielle Lenz

Amy Vest Cox
Loving the Lord Ministries Resources, LLC

Christ’s Girl- Experiencing Jesus and the Vibrant Life You Were Created for in Him, by Amy Vest Cox, is an excellent resource for claiming a relationship with Jesus, finding deep meaning and purpose in a girl’s life through Him, and embracing her identity as Christ’s girl! This book is 236 pages of inspiring, thought-provoking, motivating words that push the reader to examine and work on her relationship with the Lord. With ten chapters, opportunities for question-and-answer sessions, and incredibly helpful study guides, this book offers the chance to mark it up, highlight it, and share it with others.

My ten-year-old daughter and I were blessed to move through this book together. We took turns reading each section aloud, and whenever we reached a question-and-answer piece or any of the many study guides, we sat and shared our answers with each other over hot cocoa and coffee. It has been a wonderful, memorable time together that I would recommend to mothers and daughters everywhere. I loved that this book is relevant for women of any age. I believe ages 12 and younger would best benefit from working through it with their mother or another adult female relative. A woman of any age would find value in the pages of Christ’s Girl. Each chapter builds on the last, starting with “catching the vision” and seeking a relationship with Christ. From there, it moves into growing, living life, and serving as Christ’s girl. Finally, the book ends with my favorite part; digging into my personal Jesus story and cultivating my response. This deeply personal section can be an excellent tool for growing in vulnerability and strengthening one’s walk with Jesus.

Christ’s Girl can be read again and again at different stages of life, and the reader will always find new inspirational nuggets to pull her closer to Jesus. As a mother, some of my responses were vastly different from those of my 10-year-old, and that was half the fun! Seeing and understanding where she is in her walk with Christ and where I am in mine was a beautiful thing for both of us. Because we shared our answers verbally through conversation, the empty spaces and note-taking lines in our copy of Christ’s Girl remain blank. I am excited about this because as she grows and moves into her teen years, she can revisit this book, filling in the pages with new thoughts and ideas from another time in her life.

Christ’s Girl - Experiencing Jesus and the Vibrant Life You Were Created for in Him is a wonderful resource for growing in Christ and taking responsibility for living life as His girl. It is written in an extremely upbeat, positive, and motivating voice that excites readers about being Christ’s girl. Christ’s Girl would also make an excellent group study for teens or adults. Amy Vest Cox created a beautiful opportunity through this book for my daughter and me to grow closer to each other and closer to the Lord. I will be revisiting this book again and again through the years, as will my daughter.

~Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse®, August 2023