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The Adventures of Ranger Mike DVD set Review by Sarah Roth

Mike Snavely
Mission Imperative

Our family enjoys watching wildlife videos, learning about animals and geological formations, and exploring the outdoors. However, most available wildlife shows present an old-earth, evolutionary worldview. The Adventures of Ranger Mike videos, produced by Mission Imperative, are different. Mike presents the material from a Biblical worldview and discusses the evidence in nature that supports the Biblical account of creation and the worldwide flood of Noah's time. 

We reviewed the Ranger Mike complete set, which includes the six Adventures of Ranger Mike DVDs and two activity books. The complete set is $100. The DVDs are available individually for $14.00 each, and the activity books for $9.00 each. Digital downloads of the videos are also available.

Each video is approximately 30 minutes long and includes Biblically-based lessons on creation and wildlife. The videos are fun and entertaining, especially for kids who enjoy learning about nature. The target audience is ages 6-12. We watched the videos as a family, ages 3 through adult, and found that the DVDs contained features for the whole family.

The DVDs each contain different lessons and wildlife, but they also have some of the same features. One feature found in all the videos is level three, a place where Ranger Mike goes when he discusses the truth revealed in the Bible that some reject or attempt to censor. Here, he talks about evolution versus creation, the global flood, the validity of the Bible, and more. 
Each video also has segments that feature certain animals or creature features. For example, in "Hide and Seek," Ranger Mike features animals that look like leaves, sticks, and bark while he discusses God's design. In other videos, he introduces animals with amazing feet, strength, and abilities.

Splat, a parrot, is a puppet character that appears in every video. This character helps by showing an example of what Ranger Mike is discussing, and he often provides a silly scene that may appeal most to younger children.

Humor is included in each video. Our family's favorite funny moments included the voiceovers with animals in several videos and Ranger Mike's cheeks blowing out as he pretends to fall in "Danger in Dry Gulch." 

Ranger Mike grew up in South Africa with his missionary parents and later worked with the South African National Parks Service. Some of the videos feature animals from this area. 
Some of the topics included in the video series include:
"In Search of Behemoth"- the account of behemoth in the book of Job, possible animals that fit the description of behemoth, South African animals, and evidence of people seeing living dinosaurs.  
"Hide and Seek"- evidence for design, camouflage, and protective features in animals, predator/prey relationships, and South African animals.
"Monkey Business"- searching for truth, features of spiders, and creation versus evolution.
"The Secret in the Hoodoos"- real treasure, geological features and how they formed, searching for truth, and animals in the Southwest United States
"Danger in Dry Gulch"- evidence for the flood recorded in Genesis, geological features, and animals with amazing feet.
"Face to Face with Leviathan"- dragon legends, crocodiles, the Biblical description of the leviathan, and evolution versus creation

Although we immensely enjoyed the video series, there was a skit throughout most of "Monkey Business." And, even though the lesson was good, and wildlife was presented, I prefer less acting and more nature. The skit did not capture my children's attention as well as the other videos that focused more on wildlife.

Along with the DVD set, we reviewed two activity books: "The Adventures of Ranger Mike: In Search of Behemoth" and "The Adventures of Ranger Mike: Hide and Seek." Each activity book contains 64 pages of activities that go along with the material presented in the DVD of the same title. Some activities include coloring pages, word searches, mazes, fun facts, word scrambles, secret codes, drawing activities, hidden pictures, maps, and cut-out activities. These books reinforce the information presented in the DVDs but can also be used independently. 

The Ranger Mike videos and activity books would make a great supplement to a Bible, apologetics, or science curriculum. We chose to use them for fun family time. We watched the videos as a family, discussed the topics, and gave two of my boys the activity books to use. This was a fun way to reinforce what we have discussed in our Bible and science studies, and my children regularly choose to watch the videos and work on the activity books in their free time now. 

We immensely enjoyed the videos and activity books in this set. The videos were fun for our whole family to watch together. My 8 and 12-year-old boys enjoy the activity books. The books would be a fun, quiet activity to use at home or on the road. I recommend this set for families looking for fun and educational family videos with a Biblical worldview. 

-Product review by Sarah Roth, The Old Schoolhouse®, July 2023