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Circle of Friends Book Series Review by Debbie Doane

By: N.J. Lindquist
That's Life Communications
Box 487
Markham, ON L3P 3R1

If you attended public high school, you will identify with the characters in the Circle of Friends Book Series. As I grew up in small-town America, the books definitely took me back to those good old days of high school. You may not have attended a small high school as depicted in these books, but every school has these same characters. You remember them, the popular guy who has all the looks and charm, the pastor's daughter who isn't like other girls, the new rich kid in town who has everything money could buy, and just your ordinary majority.

These four books take you through the life of Glen and his friends. Glen is a guy who starts seeing the pastor's daughter for the wrong reasons, but his life is changed eternally because of it. His life has its ups and downs as he struggles with his new faith and old friends. In the back of the last of the four books, there are discussion questions that would be great for group study.

If your teen has never been to public school, maybe they wouldn't be able to identify with these characters, but everyone knows someone who isn't saved and can relate to the teenagers in these books. Maybe you know someone you or your teen just can't reach; one of these books may be the key to opening that door of communication. These books are a great tool for sharing your faith and would be a great addition to your home library or your church library.

-- Product Review by: Debbie Doane, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine