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This Homeschool Life Review by Lori Juarez

Amanda Jones
Faith & Home Publishing, LLC

Amanda Jones has published a gem that proves helpful to new and seasoned homeschoolers with her second book of the series, This Homeschool Life. In This Homeschool Life: Faithfully and Confidently Walking Out a Call to Homeschooling, the author discusses the challenges, second guesses, and wins of homeschooling. This easy read is a true blessing to parents that feel the pressure of homeschooling perfectly. Amanda Jones assures her readers that the homeschool life may not always be easy but is worth it.

Jones covers the concerns and fears of homeschooling from the beginning to the end of the journey. She covers topics such as the self-doubt parents face about whether they made the right choice, how to approach those who disagree with it, curriculum hunting, bad days, and much more. Each chapter is short but direct, honest, and encouraging. In addition, she includes applicable and affirming scripture that will reenergize a seasoned homeschooling parent or ignite the courage of a new one.

The author's tone is the endearing about This Homeschool Life. Readers will feel like they are having a conversation with a longtime friend. In the introduction, Jones shows vulnerability and openness as she discusses what lead to her decision to homeschool her children. Her challenge of finding support for two of her children with learning disabilities in public school is relatable for many homeschooling parents, giving hope to those facing similar situations.

Another noteworthy section of the book is a chapter dedicated to the concern of whether parents without degrees are fit to teach. Again, this was a fantastic topic to tackle that provided facts and reassurance that parents certainly have the qualifications to instruct their own children. Many serious issues are discussed, and many light and laughable moments beautifully illustrate the authentic experience of homeschooling. Amanda Jones also provides learning and teaching resources in the appendix for curriculum options and learning disabilities, as well as support for readers to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

This Homeschool Life: Faithfully and Confidently Walking Out a Call to Homeschooling does not only serve as a homeschool guide. It reminds Christian readers of Christ's impact on how and why parents are called to homeschool, freeing them from doubt and fear. Amanda Jones has done an excellent job of allowing readers to feel understood, encouraged, and empowered by their decision to homeschool.

-Product review by Lori Juarez, The Old Schoolhouse®, April 2023