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Speak Truth in Your Heart: Replacing Lies with God’s Word Review by Heidi Mosher

Sarah Mally
Tomorrow’s Forefathers

Speak Truth in Your Heart: Replacing Lies with God’s Word is another worthwhile study for young women by beloved and trusted author Sarah Mally. Other titles by Mally include Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends (co-written with her siblings) and Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity. Speak Truth in Your Heart consists of 278 pages and includes sixteen chapters which fall under eight headings:

  • Know Your Foundation
  • Know Your God
  • Know Your Position
  • Know Your Identity
  • Know Your Stability
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Know Your Strategy
  • Know Your Source of Satisfaction

Each heading includes two chapters. The eight headings would lend themselves nicely to a girls’ group meeting. The book could also be read independently, shared between mother and daughter, or even between big sister and little sister. 

An optional Speak Truth Journal (workbook and study guide) is also available, though not included in this review. Speak Truth in Your Heart is available in paperback from the Tomorrow’s Forefathers online store for $12.00. They also offer a Speak Truth Book and Journal Combo for $17.00. The Speak Truth Journal is available for $5.00 or may be downloaded free from the Tomorrow’s Forefathers website. The ages listed for this product on the website are 12-16 as well as 16+.

I reviewed Speak Truth in Your Heart myself with the intent of sharing it with my daughter, who is in her late teens, and reading it sometime in the near future with my younger daughter, who is nearly a teen. Though not explicitly written for homeschoolers, homeschooled readers may appreciate that the author and her siblings were themselves homeschooled.

Speak Truth in Your Heart is an appealing book gorgeously designed. The text is broken up with graphics similar to cartoons—some humorous, some thought-provoking. Throughout the book, there are also many scriptures in various calligraphic styles. The fonts are up-to-date and eye-catching. Several places to interact with the text keep the reader’s attention through checklists, blanks, etc. When I share this with my girls, I also plan to offer them the Speak Truth Journal.

One aspect of this book I appreciated most was the conversational style. Readers will come away feeling as if they have just sat down with a big sister or trusted role model for advice on how to combat lies. Speak Truth in Your Heart is saturated with scripture. Ultimately anyone who picks up this book will be confronted with the truth of God’s word. I highly recommend this book—or any—by Sarah Mally. She will point your daughter in the right direction over and over again.