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Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity Review by Heidi Mosher

Sarah Mally
Tomorrow’s Forefathers

Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally is a book packed with wisdom for girls and young women dreaming of finding their Prince Charming. Married women and mothers should not shy away from this title. Author Sarah Mally shares genuine, abundant insight and Biblical perspective on marriage from which anyone can gain. This 288-page paperback includes twelve chapters with inviting titles such as “Follow the Lord, Not the Culture,” “Have A Life Purpose Bigger Than Marriage,” and “Know That God Arranges Marriages.” There are also four appendices, including “Dealing with Guilt from Your Past” and “Media Cautions.” An optional study guide is available, though not included in this review. Before You Meet Prince Charming is available in paperback from the Tomorrow’s Forefathers online store for $13.00 (regularly $16.00.) On Amazon, the current price is $13.59. The Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity Study Guide is available on Amazon for $6.00 and the Tomorrow’s Forefathers online shop for $4.00 (regularly $6.00).

Before You Meet Prince Charming could be used in several ways: read independently, reviewed in a girls’ or teen group or Bible study, or enjoyed together between mother and daughter. I reviewed the book myself with the intent of handing it to my daughter, who is in her late teens, and reading it sometime in the near future with my other daughter, who is almost a teen. Amazon suggests a reading age of 13 – 17 years; I recommend this book for any female of any age after about 12 or 13. Tomorrow’s Forefathers suggests this book for young ladies ages 12 to 90. If used with someone on the younger end, it may be valuable in setting pure relationship expectations. If used for an older teen, it may help correct worldly thinking. Even merely reading the book as a parent will arm mothers with worthwhile topics and practical advice not to miss in conversations with their daughters. 

This book is packed with Bible verses. It also includes many Biblical references, so having a Bible available to consult while reading is helpful. In addition, a highlighter, pencil, and notebook may be beneficial, though not required. 

Though not explicitly written for homeschoolers, homeschooled readers may appreciate that the author and her siblings were themselves homeschooled. (Readers may be familiar with the book Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by Sarah Mally. Her siblings co-wrote that title with her.)

Each chapter begins with a Bible reference and then uses a portion of an original fairytale to set the stage for that chapter’s theme. The fairytale is continuous, unfolding throughout the remainder of the book. The fairytale is well-written and somewhat unpredictable. If using this book with a teen opposed to reading a fairytale, that teen could easily bypass the fairytale and yet learn from the book.

If a new edition ever becomes available, I would hope for generous margins or spaces for notetaking within each chapter. Of course, using the available study guide may alternately suffice nicely for notetaking. Using a gel highlighter or pencil worked well for me, however, too.

There are two things I especially admire about this book. First, it was written by a single woman in her mid-twenties. No doubt she was writing from experience. In the updated and expanded edition I reviewed, the author reveals in Appendix I, “I wrote the first edition of this book when I was 26 years old. Little did I know that it would be another 15 years until I met and married my Prince Charming.” What an excellent scenario for offering genuine advice! Second, Before You Meet Prince Charming is loaded with scripture, which of course, is the ultimate wisdom. So, this book is written by someone who used her experience to bless others. What an incredible example, especially since the author continuously points readers to God’s word and, ultimately, a right relationship with Him.

I enthusiastically recommend Before You Meet Prince Charming to every female. Even as a long-married adult, I found this book to be worthwhile personally. I gained valuable insight already after simply reading the preface. The rest of the book provided increased insight and new perspectives.

I look forward to sharing it with my daughters. I give thanks for Sarah Mally and her experience and pray that Before You Meet Prince Charming continues to influence many.