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Paragraph Writing for Kids Review by Crystal Wright

Ann Roeder
Common Sense Press

Teaching children to write paragraphs can be challenging! Having a solid foundation in writing

well-organized paragraphs core of Ann Roeder's Paragraph Writing for Kids.


Paragraph Writing for Kids has five units that highlight different types of paragraphs. The workbook teaches the basic skills and thought processes to create descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository, and comparative paragraphs. Each unit has a series of steps and exercises that provide students with guidance and practice in developing each type of paragraph. At the end of each unit, students should readily understand the components of a strong paragraph and be ready to apply their knowledge to their writing. The author breaks down the units into manageable lessons with a straightforward step-by-step process. The workbook includes outline forms at the back of the book. In addition, answer keys for all the exercises are available on the website

I used Paragraph Writing for Kids as my fifth grader's introduction to paragraph writing.

It became our prime source for language arts lessons for a solid month. By focusing on writing skills and paragraph structure, my daughter conquered the steps in writing topic sentences, details, and closing sentences.

Each unit in Paragraph Writing for Kids gives a general idea for students to choose as a basic subject as well as detailed descriptions of what each type of paragraph means. The units are packed with language lessons as well as terms that students can take and have knowledge of. For instance, I was able to teach who and what a subject is, the definition of pronouns, exactly what is included in direct commands and how to establish a contrast. These are just a few of the mini lessons that came from the overall structure of Paragraph Writing for Kids.

I appreciated this workbook as a homeschool parent. All the 'extras' that I was able to pull from the units and incorporate into our primary language lesson curriculum was a win win. Ann Roeder's teaching techniques are fun and build confidence in young writers. This is a book I would recommend to all students from grade four through six.

-Product review by Crystal Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® June 2022