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Maximus: The Quest for Greatness Review by Danielle Lenz

Biblical Worldview Media

Maximus: The Quest for Greatness is a captivating story of redemption and the discovery of biblical truth. The story follows Maximus, a Roman soldier, as he moves through nail-biting trials and life-altering experiences that ultimately lead him to question everything he has ever known and believed. What started as a quest to rid the Roman Empire of the Christian rebellion becomes an internal struggle and search for truth that Maximus was not prepared to find. Published with forty-four chapters and just over two hundred pages of text, this book will have you spell-bound from cover to cover.

The back of the book includes a helpful glossary of Roman terms for the reader to understand better the terminology used throughout the book. The Biblical Worldview Media website offers Maximus: The Quest for Greatness in softcover for $12.99 or hardcover for $18.99. 

This book, written by Shane Eash, is exceptionally well done and was difficult for me to put down once I started. From the very first page, readers are pulled into the story with such beautiful imagery that I could see every scene clearly as it unfolds. On several occasions, I found myself hoping they would make this book into a movie so I could also see it play out on the big screen! 

Admittedly,  I do not often find myself drawn to biblical historical fiction. However, this book completely captivated my attention and had me sharing its praises with friends and family. Young adults, teenagers, and parents alike will easily enjoy this tale of action, adventure, and Christ's faithful love. I would suggest this book for ages fourteen and older because of some detailed, accurate depictions of Roman violence and war. I read this book on my own during evening quiet time, but when my 10-year-old son gets a bit older, I am excited to reread it with him and live through the story once more. 

Reading Maximus: The Quest for Greatness was inspiring and enjoyable and even had me reaching for tissues now and then. It is a powerful story of Christ's redeeming love and His never-ending forgiveness. My only critique is that I wish to read more! I hope Shane Eash writes a sequel in the future. Maximus's quest could easily lead to an entire series of books that I would be more than happy to read! 

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse®, May 2022