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Homeschooling with Chronic Illness journals Review by Jenny Underwood

Frontier Homesteading
Rachel Smith

Every once in a while, I get to review something incredibly unique. This spring, I reviewed Homeschooling with Chronic Illness, Homeschooling with Chronic Illness Another Journal for Mom, and two different My Mom's a Spoonie Another Journal for Me. Each of these is a journal for either the mom or child of a mom dealing with chronic illness.

I was unaware that people struggling with a chronic illness often are called "spoonies" because they only have so many spoons they can use throughout the day, signifying their energy and abilities. As I recovered from surgery this winter, I could relate to these journals in a way I had not expected.

In Homeschooling with Chronic Illness, she encourages you to simplify and see what blessing and benefits your illness can bring to your family. She gives practical suggestions on how to conserve your spoons (energy), places to record medications, and journal entries. You can write about your health, feelings, how many spoons you have that day, things you need to accomplish, today's menu, notes, special memories, and more in the journal entries. It is paperback and has places for adult coloring projects!

In Homeschooling with Chronic Illness Another Journal for Mom, she gives another excellent journal that provides the same style as the first one and a few more personal writings. Again, there are adult coloring pages to color with plenty of areas to journal your thoughts, feelings, struggles, and more.

Both of the My Mom's a Spoonie Another Journal for Me are designed for children and are full of activities, coloring, and games. They also provide insight into the Mom's condition and help children relate to that. It also helps the child articulate what fun things they can do with their mom even though she struggles with a chronic illness. There are suggestions on how your children can help relieve some of the workload on mom too.

These are a wonderful series of journals. If you are dealing with this yourself, I recommend getting one for you and your children. My daughter loved going through the children's journals. These would also make a fantastic gift for someone dealing with this. These would make a wonderful keepsake as your family goes through this trying and tiring time together. Each book is under $15 and is available on Amazon.

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse®, May 2022