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Black Beauty Study Course Review by Elna Eayrs

Vicki Watson
Homeschool Spark
Sonrise Stables

Finding an interactive book review for my three teens can be quite challenging. They love to read books based on their interest and like to go beyond by doing intensive research on the topic. In addition, we love horses, and what better book to review than The Black Beauty Study Course. Well, look no further! Homeschool Spark has the ultimate complete experience!

It would be best if you had a computer, but a smartphone or tablet will do. The fun practical part of this study course is that the notes and quizzes can be downloaded in Pdf form and printed. It helps to take the children away from too much screen time

The Black Beauty Study Course targets children aged eight years and older. My children loved to put on their headphones and just listen to the audio textbooks. The online course consists of 136 activities, including audio, online quizzes, and printed activities.

The forty-nine chapters are divided into four sections with a bonus section with questions and other supporting documents. I divided the forty-nine chapters into a 24-week program so that we do not rush through it. The Welcome section has an explanatory pdf checklist and how students should approach the course. Bonus pdfs include maps of England, the United Kingdom, and Europe. My favorite is the Black Beauty horse characters pdf.

Each chapter has a commentary video that explains each chapter in detail. It gives detailed information from horses to where the author lived. For example, one chapter described the different boxes they lived in from the 18th century to modern-day boxes. My children and I were stunned by how the book Black Beauty changed how people treated horses. The important thing that stood out from the book study was that it was adaptable to all three of my children's learning styles, audio, visual and kinetic.

The Black Beauty Study Course changed my children's view on a book report. It had them enticed and eager to learn more. Sometimes we found the narrator's voice monotonous; however, the exciting facts kept us wanting more.

The Black Beauty Study Course is a must-have for horse lovers and those interested in a historical novel. In addition, the in-depth knowledge and history blessed my curious Indiana Joneses.

-Product, review by Elna Eayrs, The Old Schoolhouse® April 2022