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Shadows of Christ Review by Danielle Lenz

Creation to Revelation

The Shadows of Christ books by Creation to Revelation are a fantastic resource for understanding God's perfect plan and the people, places, and things that foreshadowed the life of Christ. There are three books in this series, each labeled as Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3. The first two books focus on the people from the Old Testament, while book 3 highlights the places and things that God used to reveal his plan. These books are available in a full-size, laminated option or a quarter-size, synthetic paper option. Both book types are spiral bound and feature large text, full-color pictures, explanations of foreshadowing and fulfillment in Christ, as well as bible verses to reference for each topic. Each book is available for purchase on the Creation to Revelation website for $26.99 (full-size) or $19.99 (quarter-size). 

During our family bible time, I often hear my children ask, "who is that, again?" Or "I remember that name; where have I heard that before?" There are so many names that come up in the Bible that it's sometimes hard for them to remember who everyone is and to which stories they belong. The Shadows of Christ books have been incredibly helpful in this regard. Each morning, while reading aloud from the Bible, I put all three Shadows of Christ books on the table. Anytime a name or place comes up that they cannot remember, they grab one of the books and start searching. It's fun to see my children make connections between different stories of the Bible by using these books! 

We recently completed a bible study that focused on the story of the cross. We used the Shadows of Christ books a great deal to understand how God revealed his plan to us through foreshadowing and all the ways that Jesus fulfilled His plan in life. My children became detective-like, seeking out answers, reviewing the pages of Shadows of Christ down to the Bible verses referenced at the bottom of each page, and looking up those verses in their bibles. It was great fun! 

The Shadows of Christ books are great for any family that wants to study the foreshadowing and fulfillment in Christ with their children in a fun and easy-to-understand way. With durable pages and many uses, this is a resource that our family will use repeatedly. 

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse® March 2022