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Glean Bundle: Story of The Cross and Genesis Review by Danielle Lenz

Creation to Revelation

The Glean products from Creation to Revelation make family bible time easy and enjoyable. My family and I have used the workbooks, flashcards, and coloring books for the Story of the Cross study and the Genesis study. The workbooks are simple and easy to understand, with age-appropriate options for the whole family. The Mommy & Me "Little Gleaners" workbook includes a large coloring page related to the Bible verse and one word to trace for each lesson. The "Glean Together" workbooks are more in-depth and appropriate for older learners. They include a coloring page, a bible verse to trace, lines for copying the Bible verse, and a study worksheet. The flashcards for each study feature a full-color picture that matches the coloring page in the study and displays a simple bible lesson with references to supporting verses. Creation to Revelation also has mini coloring books available that go well with each study. The mini coloring books are fantastic for your youngest learners to follow along and feel included during family bible time. All workbooks are available on the Creation to Revelation website for $11.99-$14.99 each, with bundle discounts available. You can also purchase the flashcards for $5.99 and the mini coloring books for $6.99. 

My family very much enjoyed incorporating the Glean products into our school day. I have wanted to be more consistent about bible time for quite a while, and this bundle supported us in doing just that. My children and I sat around the kitchen table and dug into the word together each morning. My eldest two children (ages nine and ten) used the Glean Together workbooks, while my four-year-old enjoyed the Little Gleaners workbook and mini coloring books. We started with one of the older two children reading aloud the day's verse from their workbook. We liked doing the worksheet from the Glean Together workbook as a family. For my family, it worked well to verbalize the study questions and discuss them as a family rather than writing down answers in the book. Of course, if you have children that prefer independent study, the study worksheet would work great for that too. 

Creation to Revelation has created bible study products that are fun and engaging while still being thorough and educational. My children look forward to completing our family study each day, even reminding me that it needs to be done if I've gotten distracted by other things. Starting our day together in the Bible completely changes the day's tone. One of my favorite things about the Glean products is that they captured the attention of all my children, regardless of their significant age difference. The pictures on the flashcards, mini coloring books, and workbook pages for each lesson are the same- which made my youngest feel "part of the group." She especially enjoyed looking at the full-color flashcard and trying to copy the colors onto her coloring page. I also really love that, while I am reading aloud from the Bible, my children are getting some much-needed handwriting practice while tracing and copying their verses. I would love to see a parent workbook added to the available resources in the future! 

The Glean Products are a great way to incorporate more bible time into your day and have fun doing it! I recommend these products for anyone with children ages 12 and under. My family and I are looking forward to using Glean products in the future to continue bible time together! 

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse® March 2022