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Heritage Letter and American Heritage Adventure Letter Subscriptions Review by Katie Seppanen

Heritage Letter

American history is fascinating, and there are so many ways to learn and teach it. Heritage Letter has come up with a way to keep various topics arriving at your mailbox monthly with their Heritage Letter and American Heritage Adventure Letter Subscriptions.

The mail from the Heritage Letter subscription includes a letter written from the perspective of an American historical figure, a photo card with a timeline on the back, and an artifact related to the person. In the months these letters have arrived, we have learned more about familiar figures (Orville Wright) and been introduced to some we had never heard of (Harriet Quimby). The letters start at $6 a month with discounts for a commitment to a more extended subscription.

The American Heritage Adventure Letters are written by a fictitious Lizzy Jane and describe her travels in the United States. Lizzy Jane describes the area, usually a National Park, historical landmark, national treasure, or otherwise well-known place, with relevant details; the letter includes a postcard with artwork depicting the site. Subscriptions start at $5.50 per month with discounts for longer commitments.

As the letters arrive, my children take turns opening and reading the correspondence. We then take that opportunity to dive into learning about the new person or place. For example, we are plotting Lizzy Jane's journey on a map of the United States. At the same time, we are marking the birthplace of each American historical figure. The website has free resources and suggested lesson plans for every letter. Sometimes I take advantage of all the great resources; other times, I pick and choose depending on the time we have that day. The notes and resources could be used to create a mini-unit study around the person, their place in history, and the geography of the time. 

We have enjoyed the Heritage letters, learning about American figures new to us, and new details about familiar names. In addition, the anticipation of a new figure every month has helped add an element of spontaneity to our homeschool that keeps us from becoming bored.

While I appreciated the picture painted in words, my children sometimes found the letters to have too many details.

I would certainly recommend both subscriptions to families with children of all ages. The letters can add a variety of interest to the school day whether one wants to change studies up for a day, week, or month. These would also work for a family or individual interested in simply gaining a little more knowledge of the history and geography of the United States.

Product review by Katie Seppanen, The Old Schoolhouse® March 2022