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Pathways to Mathematical Understanding from Early Childhood to Middle School Review by Heather Wise

Hickory Grove Press
3151 Treeco Lane
Bellevue, IA 52031

I received a copy of Pathways to Mathematical Understanding from Early Childhood to Middle School to review with my five- and six-year-old boys. Daniel Zaccaro and Edward Zaccaro authored the book, and it is available to purchase for $24.95. It is intended to help parents and teachers develop mathematical thinking in children aged 2-12.

This product includes instructions for the parent or teacher to help them better explain mathematics to the child and includes reproducible worksheets for children. The worksheets increase in difficulty as they progress through the book. The book has twenty-seven chapters and a resources section. The lessons start with the basics, such as sorting and counting, and go through negative numbers.

I used this with my boys to supplement our math lessons in my homeschool. My children enjoyed the worksheets and were proud when they grasped a concept and moved to more difficult worksheets. At the beginning of the book, the author introduces an "Abstract Dial" to help adults understand how children develop an understanding of numbers. This was helpful for me with my five-year-old. He was having a challenging time with the math curriculum we were using, and I was at a loss as to how to help him. This dial enabled me to understand that I had to help him see the concrete value of a number. This book was helpful in our homeschool, and I believe it will continue to be used throughout our homeschool years.

I would recommend this book to parents that want to help their children understand mathematical concepts better. It would be an informative book to review when children are young and then continue using the worksheets with them as they get older.

-Product review by Heather Wise, The Old Schoolhouse®, February 2022