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Grammar of Grace core curriculum and Foreign Languages CDs Review by Heather Wise

Grammar of Grace
Robyn van Eck
402 N. Center St., Ste. 201
Bonham, TX 75418

I received a copy of the Grammar of Grace core curriculum and the foreign language CDs to review with my two boys. Robyn van Eck wrote this curriculum. The cost of the Grammar of Grace core curriculum is $89, or you can purchase a sturdier edition for $119. The foreign language CDs for cycles 1-4 cost $24. The cover of the curriculum states that this is "A thoroughly Christian core curriculum modeled on the Classical Trivium, for ages 5-12." This is an accurate description based on my experience using Grammar of Grace. The curriculum is divided into four cycles, each 24 weeks long. Each cycle is intended to be repeated twice. The curriculum covers a Bible study, a foreign language study, an English study, and a History study.

The foreign language CDs are pleasant to listen to and help with pronunciation of the languages studied: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Dutch. An interesting note about the Dutch study is that the author's husband is Dutch, and he provides the narration on the CD for that portion.

This curriculum is intended to be complete for ages 5-12 except for adding a phonics curriculum and an arithmetic curriculum. This product is designed for homeschool families who wish to give their children a Classical Education and have them have a firm grasp of the Bible. I presented this to my children by going over the information we would be learning for the week on Monday and letting them ask any questions they had. We moved through Monday quickly. On Tuesday, I would present the same information and have them recite it along with me. By Friday, my goal was for them to be able to recite the information with minimal help. We were already using another curriculum for this year, so I added the phonics from that curriculum. The author suggests that this curriculum should only take about an hour each day -thirty minutes for memory lessons, fifteen minutes for Bible reading, and fifteen minutes for copy-work. She suggests an additional thirty minutes for phonics and an hour and a half for read-alouds, for a total homeschool time of approximately three hours each day. I would say that this time frame sounds reasonable based on our experience with the curriculum.

Grammar of Grace is a comprehensive Classical Curriculum. It is beautifully written, does not require joining a group to learn, and would give my children an excellent Christian education. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the Classical education model. The foreign language CDs would be necessary for me as these languages are all new to me and the CDs were invaluable in making sure I pronounced the sounds correctly.

-Product review by Heather Wise, The Old Schoolhouse®, February 2022