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The Dead Sea Squirrels Series Review by Ashley Koulak

Tyndale House Publishers
Mike Nawrocki
(855) 277 9400
351 Executive Drive
Carol Stream, IL 60188

The Dead Sea Squirrels series perfectly balances silly and spiritually filling for young readers. Each book is packed with fun-loving adventures rooted in Biblical principles, and I could not be happier about it! My son loved the books so much that he read all nine in a week. I enjoyed hearing him tell me about them, and I am happy that the reading level was appropriate for a ten-year-old.

The Dead Sea Squirrels Series follows two ancient squirrels from the Dead Sea named Merle and Pearl, who are taken from their resting place, and packed up as souvenirs one summer by a young boy named Michael Gomez and his friend Justin. Michael and Justin are spending the summer with Michael's father, an archeologist, on the shores of The Dead Sea. Subsequently, Merle and Pearl end up in the modern-day United States with Michael and his family, which is a bit different than the first-century life to which they were accustomed. As the series progresses, Michael and his friends learn how to navigate the ever-changing tide of upper elementary-aged life- mostly with help from Merle and Pearl. Missteps ensue as they dodge tricky situations, little sisters, a ravenous cat, and squirrel nappers! 

While silly with out-of-this-world adventure, each book has a very down-to-earth message for kids. Using Biblical principles and teachings from Jesus, kids can apply familiar situations from their own life and look through a Biblical worldview lens for guidance- with the help of two ancient squirrels. Each book has an easy-to-understand conflict-like honoring your father and mother. The consequences of disobeying God's commands are all wrapped up in a silly but still serious resolution. 

 I highly recommend this series for elementary readers, especially those drawn to current, trendy humor books for that age group. The Dead Sea Squirrels is a fantastic alternative to the secular options. We are anxiously awaiting the tenth book in the series, which should be available in May 2022. In addition, a cartoon series is in the works, which will bring the fun-loving book illustrations to life! I hope you enjoy the Dead Sea Squirrels as much as my family!

-Product review by Ashley Koulak, The Old Schoolhouse®, February 2022