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Original GoDonut, GoDonut Glazed, GoDonut360 Review by Sarah Roth

Fresno, CA

Admittedly, I love donuts. So, when I saw the name of this product, GoDonut, I was interested in knowing more. The wonderful round breakfast food with a hole in the middle inspired the shape and name of these smartphone and tablet stands, but I wondered if a donut-shaped stand would leave me as satisfied as the sweet breakfast treat.

 I was able to review three versions of the GoDonut ( the original, glazed, and 360 (priced $19.99, $24.99, and $29.99 respectively). All three versions are round, four inches in diameter, with an open area in the middle. The small size makes them easy to take places in a purse, bag, or backpack- ideal for students to take to college, teachers to take to co-ops, etc. Each GoDonut has two slots in which to hold a tablet or smartphone. These slots are across from each other, and one holds the device upright, while the other holds the device angled slightly back. The slots have a top lip that helps hold the device securely.

The original version is available in one of nine solid colors; the one that I reviewed is royal blue. The glazed version is sparkly (glazed) and is available in ten distinct colors; the one that I reviewed is sparkly lime green. The 360 version comes in the same variety of colors as the original, but it also comes with a removable black swivel stand that can be used to rotate the device. A semicircular lock can be snapped onto the swivel stand to hold it stationary when rotation is not desired. The swivel stand is also available separately for $12.99, and according to the manufacturer, it is compatible with any GoDonut with four peg holes in the bottom. We did take the swivel off the GoDonut it came with and tried the original and glazed on the swivel stand. It was quite easy to interchange them, and they all fit perfectly.

All three GoDonuts hold our smartphones (Samsung) and Kindle Fire tablets very securely, but we did find that the glazed version that we reviewed has a slightly snugger fit. This gave our phones, and tablets added stability with thin, or no, cases. All our phones fit well in the slots of each GoDonut with their protective cases still on, but we did need to remove the thicker case that we had on our children's kindle for it to fit.

Within our family, we have used the GoDonut stands to hold our devices for various activities. They provide a very secure resting spot for our smartphones when our phones are charging or not in use both at home and at the office. I also like using the stand to hold my phone when talking with someone on speaker and need my hands free for another activity. I like how securely all three versions hold my phone and Kindle Fire when working in the kitchen, either to display a recipe or listen to music or a podcast. The angled position is exactly right for reading a recipe on my smartphone with the stand on the counter.

We have also used the stands for holding both tablets and smartphones while videotaping. For example, the 360 swivel holds a tablet very securely while spinning while videotaping, even while spinning rather fast…something most children (and some adults) are going to try. These are also great stands to take "on location," as they hold the device securely even on slightly uneven surfaces. And the swivel provides a way to turn the device smoothly while filming. I also like the swivel when displaying pictures or videos at our kitchen table, whether for school or fun. It makes it easy to show each person the screen in turn. And, although we have not used the swivel for this purpose, I think it would be beneficial for businesses that make transactions using tablets.

Overall, I like the GoDonut stands, and they did leave me satisfied. They are easy to use and move around, they each hold our tablets and smartphones securely, and they look fun. If I had to pick my favorite GoDonut version, it would be the 360. The swivel feature makes it very versatile. But my favorite color is the lime green sparkly glazed version. So, my favorite combination would be the glazed GoDonut on a swivel stand…next to a hot cup of coffee and cinnamon sugar donut.

-Product review by Sarah Roth, The Old Schoolhouse® January 2022