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TWS1 Wireless Earbuds Review by Charlotte Gochnauer


We are well into the 21st century, so my teenage girls had told me it was high time for me to get rid of the ancient earbuds that I still have to plug into my phone. So, when I received a pair of Edifier TWS1 Wireless Earbuds to try out, I was excited.Opening the package, I found a sleek, black box nestled in a piece of black foam. Inside the box was a pair of black wireless earbuds. The case is the standard earbud case that you see with all earbuds. When the earbuds are in place in the case, they are in charge position, and when you plug in a USB cord to the case, they charge. Underneath the foam, I found extra earbud tips and a USB charger.

The earbuds are easy to pair with any device. What I heard was clear, and I could control the volume on my phone. It was nice to listen to things while not plugged into my phone with a cord trailing between my ears and my cellphone. Others told me that my voice was clear, without any interference at all. I did have some struggles with the earbuds falling out of my ears from time to time, but this could be because my ears are on the smaller side. 

The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, so the operating range is particularly good. If I were in the line of sight of my phone, I could walk around and still hear clearly. They have noise-canceling technology and did a respectable job blocking ambient noises around me.

I also attached the earbuds to my computer. I work from home and have online meetings, so wireless earbuds made things much easier! I noticed that the earbuds would only pair with one device at a time, so I could only have it paired to either my computer or phone. A few times, when I was using it on my computer, it would try to pair with my phone. The earbuds do automatically pair with the last paired device when you remove them from the charging case. They are waterproof so working out with them or even using them in the rain is not a problem. And charging the earbuds only takes about an hour and a half which is nice and fast.

Having a wireless way to talk and listen was wonderful! These earbuds are very affordable and, at the time of this review, are $49.99. I invite you to look over their website and try out these earbuds!

-Product Review by Charlotte Gochnauer, Homeschool Review Crew Business Manager, The Old Schoolhouse ®, LLC, December 2021