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Exchanging Mirrors Review by Crystal Wright

Katherine Hager
Equipped Mama

Not all women look forward to glancing in the mirror. However, if one looks deep enough and with a Christian heart, that face in the mirror can reflect something completely different.

Exchanging Mirrors by Katherine Hager reveals a whole new and inspirational view of a woman's reflection as well as who exactly we are mirroring.

Exchanging Mirrors has eleven chapters that shine light and point to the Bible for answers. Each chapter discusses the different challenges that women face today. Katherine Hager

uses the book of 1 Peter to help teach and support the identity of women, both young and old.

The variety of topics that are covered throughout the book range from joy, suffering, submission, modesty, gentleness, as well as the feeling and truth behind love. Exchanging Mirrors uses

scriptural truths to direct and instruct women to find their identity through Christ, and a wide variety of quotes and sources are used to support the gospel.

I read this book because I was curious about faith and its relation to self-reflection. As a mother, wife, and child of God, seeing myself in raw form is not always the easiest or most

pleasant of times. In today's society, womanhood and empowerment are both challenged along with being misconstrued. In the book, Katherine encourages women to consider their identity

through a different scope by reading and living through scripture.

I loved this book and all the messages that bloomed in the pages. Katherine Hager's words were a complete inspiration for seeing yourself as a Christian and follower of Christ. She

opens the reader's eyes by describing how women see their reflection. The image in the mirror is frequently filled with self-criticism, wrinkles, gray hairs, and sunspots. Other women see their

mirrored image with make-up, youth, the beauty of the flesh, or even false identity. Reading this book truly made me question how I see myself in the mirror. Is it in one of those ways

mentioned above, or do I see myself through Christ's eyes? This author does an outstanding job in proclaiming that imperfections and beauty come in all shapes and forms, yet Christ does not see those imperfections or beauty as we see it. I will never forget the strong and passionate coaching from this message.

I would recommend this book to all women. The words are eye-opening and result in deep thought and connection with scripture. I walked away with a strong need to focus on being more

present as a wife and mother. Exchanging Mirrors inspires all women to follow the mission of Christ and to live faithful to Him each day.

-Product review by Crystal Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® December 2021