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The Mayflower Pilgrims Review by Anissa DeGrasse

By: Edmund Janes Carpenter
Revised by: Michael J. McHugh
Published by Christian Liberty Press
502 West Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

The preface of this book begins with a remarkable quote from Daniel Webster who summed up who the character of the Pilgrims in one paragraph. He reminds us to remember the "Highest degree and mild peaceful spirit of Christianity." Mr. McHugh has done a fabulous job at revising and editing this well-written manuscript about the founding of our nation. He reminds us: "God truly does use the weak things of this world to confound the wise and build up His Kingdom in the hearts of men." And that is just from the Preface!

This book takes us on the Pilgrim's home in England where the Separatists found themselves in a crisis and "this crisis brought to the leaders the stern alternative of flight from the country or the abandonment of their faith." To them, abandoning their faith was out of the question so their only alternative was to move themselves and their families to a new location.

They moved to many places but their journey ultimately took them on a voyage to their new home in an unknown land, which later became the United States of America. The details outlined in this book make the reader painfully aware of the dangers and hardships they endured on their journey. They encountered sickness and unseaworthy ships, but God's hand was in each movement of the ships.

Once they landed they encountered adversity in their new land. They met the great Massasoit, the leader of the Wampanoag Indian Tribe. Squanto helped the Pilgrims understand "the importance of the great and powerful tribe...led by Massasoit, who was beyond doubt the most powerful and influential chief in all the region." The Pilgrims had to learn to live with and make peace with many Indian tribes. They quickly learned that if they made peace with Massasoit, "they would also be on good terms with all the Indians in the entire region."

The Pilgrims suffered much, but they always remembered that God had His hand in their fate. They endured many hardships and trials during their journey but many were spared and blessed by the hand of God. They counted on founding a great nation on the Christian faith and principles that so many Pilgrims gave their life to establish.

This book is a wonderful addition to any study on the Pilgrims. The details outlined in this book will give you a greater understanding on the journey of the Pilgrims from the beginning of their church, their journey to the New World, to the establishment of their new colony. There are many interesting facts and otherwise unknown details that are not outlined in other publications on this topic.

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-- Product Review by: Anissa DeGrasse, Contributing Senior Coordinator for State Information, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine