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Lucy: A Ladybug’s Life and Insect Memory Matching Game Review by Danielle Lenz

Kayla White
Lucy the Ladybug

God has blessed us with an incredible, wondrous world full of miraculous beings- all the way down to the tiniest ladybug. Lucy: A Ladybug’s Life is a beautifully written and aesthetically pleasing book, filled with vibrant photographs and thorough descriptions detailing the life cycle and purpose of the ladybug. Paired with the Insect Memory Matching Game, these products create a fantastic opportunity for learning and understanding more about insects from a Christian perspective. This hardback book is filled with sixty-seven full-color, glossy pages, including the story of Lucy the Ladybug’s life, a summary of the gospel, practical ways children can serve God daily, a simple diagram of the ladybug, and a full glossary. The author, Kayla White, has connected biblical truth to the life cycle of the ladybug and incorporated scripture throughout the entire book. This book is available for purchase on the Lucy The Ladybug website for $17.99. The Insect Memory Matching Game is the perfect companion to the book. It includes twenty-four sturdy, full-color, 4” x 4” cards describing a total of twelve different insects. Each card features a close-up photograph of the insect along with several interesting facts about it. The backside of the cards is white, with the Lucy The Ladybug logo displayed in red. The game also includes a short, easy-to-understand direction sheet. You can purchase this game on the Lucy The Ladybug website for $7.99. 

One of my favorite things about these products is that they are useful for a wide variety of ages. My four-year-old daughter and I spent several afternoons curled up in the armchair reading about Lucy and her journey. We discussed how God created everything- while my oldest children (ages nine and ten) were able to spend more time drilling into the facts, learning new vocabulary words, and connecting all of it to scripture. As a family, we have been learning all about botany over the last several weeks; Lucy: The Ladybug’s Life fit right in with what we were already learning! These products are a fantastic companion to any horticulture, botany, or biology curriculum you may already be using. We had so much fun playing the Insect Memory Matching Game all together as a family. I especially love when a game is suitable for all of us to play together, and this one was simply perfect. Every time someone made a match, they would read all the facts about that insect aloud to the rest of the family. When my four-year-old made a match, she would describe the colors of the “bug,” state its name, and then have her sibling read the facts aloud for her. We absolutely loved playing it as a family- but these cards also work great for easy independent review. Sometimes, while reading or working with one child, I would have another take the cards, read them, write down a few of their favorite facts and then come back and tell me about what they had learned. You can get creative and use these tools in whatever way works for your school day. 

These products are fantastic for visual and hands-on learners. However, I would recommend them for anyone ages four or older. You can scale the use of the book to fit your age group; make it as simple or in-depth as you want! The cards are great for use as a memory game, for review, or even as visual aids to help identify different beings while out on a nature walk! 

I am always grateful when we can combine multiple subjects- and these products allowed us to learn more about science and scripture at the same time. Everything we study comes from God- and I love showing my children examples of that in the curriculum that we use. These products were both very well-made. However, I wish the Insect Memory Matching Game came in a box rather than rubber-banded, and I wish the instructions were laminated. Having four kids, I like to have a little added protection from spills, tears, and the like. 

Lucy: A Ladybug’s Life and The Insect Memory Matching Game will stay in our rotation for years to come! I am excited to see how we can dig deeper into the lessons and revisit Lucy the Ladybug year over year as my children grow. Both the book and the game would be a terrific addition to any homeschool family looking to learn more about ladybugs, other insects, and God’s miraculous creation.

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse®, October 2021