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TICO Dog – Poodle & TICO Cat – Pebbles Review by Emily Hamre

The Lazy Dog & Co.

The Lazy Dog & Co. sent us two mini-brick sets. TICO Dog - Poodle and TICO Cat – Pebbles are two projects from TICO Bricks. TICO stands for Tiny Intelligent Combinative Originality. These mini bricks are the smallest building brick in the world. TICO bricks are designed and created in Taiwan. In addition to the Dog and Cat Series, The Lazy Dog & Co. also sells Dinosaur, City, Ocean Creature, Animals, Landmark, and Amusement Park series.

When completed, TICO Dog and TICO Cat make realistic decorative mini-figures perfect for home decoration. TICO Dog – Poodle contains approximately 340 pieces, while TICO Cat – Pebbles has around 260. Both have realistic details, including a pink nose brick for Pebbles and a black nose and pink tongue for the Poodle. In addition, both projects come with step-by-step picture-based assembly instructions.

Pebbles, the TICO Cat, is a gray tabby with a white chest and white paws. TICO Dog – Poodle is light brown and has the traditional poof ball around each ankle and the end of the tail. The details are incredibly realistic so that these look just like the animal!

While the box recommends ages eight and up, I think this product is better suited for children ages 10-14 with an adult. Children older than fourteen may not require an adult. If they have strong motor skills, good dexterity, and patience, the child will get more out of it. The bricks are tiny. A younger child or a child with poor fine motor skills may have difficulty. Assembling the base may prove especially tricky since minor adjustments may knock other pieces out of alignment. Once the first two layers of brick are built, it gets easier.

I would recommend these products as part of a family fun night. These sets make excellent tools for STEM and building critical thinking skills. These would also be a great gift for a child that enjoys building and puzzles. TICO Dog and TICO Cat would be fantastic for child and parent to build together and then decorate the child's room. While challenging for me to build, I love the concept.

-Product Review by Emily Hamre, The Old Schoolhouse®, October 2021