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LegiLiner Review by Lisa McKinney

Polly Benson, OTR/L
LegiLiner, LLC
6170 Masters Club Dr.
Suwanee, GA 30024

When I was instructing my boys during their elementary years, I always wished I had something that could quickly draw the primary handwriting lines for me anywhere I needed them. Their handwriting was so much better, having the guidelines, but not all assignments had it available. I printed off page after page of primary line paper I made for myself on the computer, but that took time! The LegiLiner Stamps from LegiLiner, LLC are something designed just for this situation! The LegiLiner Stamps are self-inking stamps for making various lines, including primary handwriting lines, boxes, and even music staff on any paper you have. The product was designed by an occupational therapist who worked on handwriting with students of all ages and abilities. The LegiLiner Stamps allow you to quickly draw lines for handwriting practice on any paper surface to help improve letter size and placement for more legible writing. LegiLiner Stamps are available individually, so you can find the one that works best for you. Each stamp has an image of what the stamp is on the outside of the stamp for quick reference. The stamps are self-inking, so they can be used immediately no matter where you are. They also have a cap to protect the end and keep the ink viable.

Three of the LegiLiner Stamps available are the Legi Boxes Rolling Stamp, the BLUE- Legi Liner Musical Staff Rolling Ink Stamp, and the Legi Double Stack. The Legi Boxes Rolling Stamp is a rolling ink stamp to quickly draw boxes for writing, math, or Occupational Therapy. Each box is three-fourths" tall, and the pattern is two boxes tall. The BLUE- Legi Liner Musical Staff Rolling Ink Stamp rolls out music staff lines for instant songwriting needs or just practicing music theory. Finally, the Legi Double Stack writes two half-inch tall handwriting lines at once. All the LegiLiner stamps are refillable, making them a good option for endless use. Each stamp retails for $15, and a set of three ink refills is $5.

Whether a teacher is using it for a class or a student using it for themselves, the age range for this is broad, but the handwriting lines are best for the elementary-age students working on handwriting skills. This is also useful for students working on their cursive writing who need the additional lines to help with the placement of their letters. The Legi Boxes stamp could be used for various math ages, but it could also be used for checklists or timelines. Their best use is for the ten squares for math or coding. The most versatile for the ages is the Musical Staff Rolling Ink Stamp. Musicians and music teachers are constantly needing to draw the staff for practice or when inspiration hits. Having this to quickly and cleanly draw the five lines of staff on anything is a win indeed.

I was intrigued when I received this product as I saw how useful it would be in so many areas. I have a perfectionist son who wants a clean place for his name on his art pages. The handwriting lines could be perfect for that if they worked well. I took all three of these stamps out of their boxes and used them immediately. The initial first roll of each stamp was not clean, but I did not expect it to be. The handwriting lines stamp was the messiest of the three, while the boxes were the cleanest inking. I rolled each of the stamps across my paper twice, which helped clean up the lines. They are amazingly comfortable to hold in my hand, and they roll accurately for their placement. Using the Legi Double Stack, I was able to fill a paper full of neat handwriting lines in a matter of seconds. This is so much faster than designing it online and printing it out. My son likes adding lines to any standard paper, and he uses it to add descriptions to his drawings. I found that the Rolling Boxes work well for making check-off boxes for schoolwork and lining up math problems.

My favorite, and the one I foresee myself using the most, is the Musical Staff Rolling Ink Stamp. I am a musician, and I am a music teacher. This is fabulous for me going to each student and adding staff to their papers for quick lessons for music theory. A swipe of the stamps, and they have perfectly straight and neat lines to use! I do not even need my printer to make and print staff any longer. I wish I had this when I was regularly teaching piano lessons!

The only con I experienced was figuring out how hard I needed to push when rolling the stamps. If I keep a light touch, they roll clean but pushing too hard, and some smudgy extra ink comes off in the background. This is something easy to fix, so I do not consider it a big con.

I highly recommend the LegiLiner Stamps from LegiLiner, LLC to any homeschool parent, elementary level teacher, or occupational therapist, but I also find the Musical Staff Rolling Ink Stamp useful for any music student or performer as well. The stamps are small enough to stick in a desk drawer or bag, and the refillable ink option makes them non-consumable, which saves money. If I were still teaching elementary classes, I would invest in the entire set to have the full spectrum of handwriting line sizes for my students. I plan to snag the double solid line and number line stamps because they are particularly useful for me with older students.

-Product review by Lisa McKinney, The Old Schoolhouse®, October 2021