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CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator Review by Michelle Gibson

CobraHead LLC
P.O. Box 519
Cambridge, WI 53523

The CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator is an American-made, multi-purpose garden hand tool. It has a durable recycled composite handle and a tempered forged steel blade that looks like a snake! My children fondly call it "The Snake." 

At thirteen inches long and weighing just over nine ounces, the Original CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool is sturdy. Its sharp, tough blade breaks up hard soil. It is perfect for weeding large spaces, plowing rows for planting, weeding between rows, and pulling up tough sizeable weeds. Large weeds need the use of both hands – one on the tool and one to lift the weed out. Weeding a large garden is arduous work, but the CobraHead® makes weeding more manageable and enjoyable. When I first got it, I weeded for six hours straight and got a blister that kept me out of the garden until it healed up. Wearing gloves, as recommended, is crucial. My ten-year-old son has been using it to dig a big hole for a fort. He and his friends use it to pry rocks out of the hard ground. He says it is much easier for digging in rocky soil than rock picks, garden trowels, and compact shovels. Made in Wisconsin, USA, it ships free to everywhere in the United States. The Original is $27.95 each. You can buy three or more tools for $26.50 each or six or more for $24.50 each. 

The CobraHead® "mini" Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool is eight and three-quarter inches long and weighs five ounces. It does all that the Original does but on a smaller scale and is lighter on the hand. Thus, it is perfect for cultivating in tighter areas, such as between garden plants. By placing your index finger along the blade shaft, you can guide the tip of the CobraHead® with precision. It is easy to pull out grass clumps and smaller tap-rooted weeds intact by using the tip as a fulcrum to lift the weed. We also use it to dig holes for planting and for transplanting and planting starts. We poke the head in the ground, pull back to create a hole in the soil, and pop our seed or plant in. The "mini" is $24.95 each, or you can buy three or more tools for $23.50 each or six or more for $22.50 each. Both come with a one-year unconditional warranty.

We love both CobraHead® Weeders and Cultivators and find them to be the best garden tools we own. The range of uses makes it our most valuable garden tool. The Original is best used to weed bigger spaces and for longer jobs. The "mini" is best for small areas, quick hand weeding, or planting starts and seeds. We sit down or kneel to use them, so I would like to get the Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator next for bigger jobs standing up. If I could only have one garden tool, this would be it. We find them the most beneficial kind of snakes in the garden!

-Product review by Michelle Gibson, The Old Schoolhouse®, September 2021