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Read Across The World Reading Log Program Review by Kari Lynn Dundass

Mind Growth Education
British Columbia, Canada

Read Across the World from Mind Growth Education is an incredible fun learning resource that encourages and motivates children to read while teaching them about the World. 

This online program is a tool that children can use to track their reading in an electronic log that is accessible at any time.  While logging the reading time, children get to learn about the World from a variety of perspectives.   Depending on your child's reading level, each minute of reading is converted into kilometers and moves them along an adventure across the World.

When you first log in after purchasing a subscription, you will need to choose your character and select a level of difficultly for your child. There are 3 different levels that you can choose from.  For every 1 minute read in beginner level it accounts for 12 km, for the standard level is accounts for 8 km and for advanced it accounts for 4 km. 

Then your child can start reading!  Once they complete their reading for the day, your child can easily login and input their book title and time spent.  This then logs their time and advances them through the counties of the World. When your child reaches a country, they will be able to read some facts about the country and gain access to a fun worksheet/activity.  

Your child can then earn printable badges as they advance through various countries down to the eastern hemisphere and back up again through the Western Hemisphere and end in United States of America.

Read Across the World costs $47.88 per year for the Global Journey.  This includes a single account for an immediate family member and access to their digital library.  There are also classroom membership options

We thoroughly enjoyed Read Across the World in our home and look forward to continuing to use these online resources as a reading log.  It is very easy to use and my boys, ages three, six and eight were excited to read so they could learn about World, earn badges, and get access to a new worksheet activity.  

We had fun coloring a picture of the world while practicing math skills at Iceland and practiced tracing sight words in script and cursive writing at Finland.   We colored a bookmark at Ireland and competed a word scramble at United Kingdom.  This online reading log helped my children gain an understanding about the diversity in the world while looking at from an artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political, and economic perspective.  Once we reach a country, as family, we could do some further research on YouTube and watch some videos to expand our learning even more. 

I highly recommend Read Across the World from Mind Growth Education for all children.  It is an interactive and fun curriculum for learning about the World while incorporating a variety of perspectives. 

-Product review by Kari Lynn Dundass, The Old Schoolhouse®, September 2021