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Girls Sewing Curriculum Bundle Review by Heidi Mosher

Learn To Sew Kids
Teri Robertson, Lyndee Lee & Carolyn Curtis

The Girls Sewing Curriculum by Learn to Sew Kids offers "sewing, fun, and creativity all stitched together." This is a sewing curriculum for girls ages 6-11. The curriculum consists of the Sewing Basics Workbook, and a Parent Guide for use with the Kids Can Sew Level 1 Workbook. A sewing machine is required but not included. An extensive supply list includes several additional items that must be collected or purchased, such as fabric, empty bobbins, a seam ripper, and an iron. An access link and access code are included to learn from instructional videos online. After completing this curriculum, a student will have experience with and basic knowledge of both hand sewing and machine sewing. Girls must first complete the Sewing Basics Workbook before moving to the Kids Can Sew Level 1 Workbook. The Sewing Basics Workbook includes ten units that each consists of one to three lessons. These units cover:

  • Basic Sewing Tools & Terms
  • Learning Your Sewing Machine
  • The Safety Rules of Sewing
  • Ready, Set, Sew!
  • My First Project (bean bags)
  • Fabric Store Field Trip
  • Using a Pattern
  • Measuring
  • What is a Casing?
  • Basics of Hand Sewing

Following completion of the first book, girls can move on to the Kids Can Sew Level 1 Workbook, which includes a Pattern Pack with eight darling and practical projects:

  • Peasant Nightgown 
  • Blouse
  • Cool Cat Pillow
  • Sewing Pack 
  • Notions Bag
  • Simple Skirt
  • Round Neck Blouse
  • Pants

This second book notes "9-12 months of sewing machine fun." In addition, a page of additional supplies (fabric, thread, elastic, ribbon, fiberfill, etc.) to acquire for each sewing project is included. 

The Girls Sewing Curriculum Bundle is available for $129 on the website.  Similar additional items on their website include a Boys Sewing Curriculum Bundle for boys age 6+ as well as a Teens Sewing Curriculum Bundle for ages 11+.

A parent is required to supervise and assist her daughter with this curriculum. The book states, "If you do not know how to sew, you will learn along with your child." The book further wisely suggests that a child aged 6-7 "needs complete one-on-one attention at all times" while a child aged 8-11 "needs adult supervision. If needed, one-on-one attention should be provided." Users should plan to work on their sewing project once or twice per week for one hour each time and are encouraged to work at their own pace. 

I am using this product with my ten-year-old daughter, who has some previous sewing experience. I have minimal sewing experience, so I was eager to work through this curriculum alongside her. Hands-on learners will especially enjoy it, though the lessons appeal to many types of learners as reading, watching, collecting, labeling, cutting, planning, and of course, sewing are all undertaken. A homeschooled child or any child with a committed adult will be able to use this program successfully. 

An example of a lesson or unit I appreciated from the Sewing Basics Workbook was learning the parts of the sewing machine. To accomplish this, we watched a video through the access link, read about the parts, found them on our own sewing machine, and labeled them on a page in the workbook. All these tasks reinforced the lesson and made us completely comfortable with our sewing machine. Another lesson I appreciated was on sewing safety. 

My daughter and I love the Girls Sewing Curriculum Bundle. It is colorful, bright, appealing, and inviting. The video links feature a young girl demonstrating and explaining things herself, which is inspiring for other young girls. The curriculum worked very well to learn the basics of sewing. We look forward to completing the course and have scheduled it into our plans for the coming school year. The well-written instructions are clear, simple, and doable. I am thrilled to have finally acquired sewing basics knowledge and to have spent time with my daughter in the process. I would not change a thing. I wholeheartedly recommend the Girls Sewing Curriculum Bundle! 

-Product review by Heidi Mosher, The Old Schoolhouse®September 2021.