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Shore Seekers Review by Danielle Lenz

11245 SE 6th Street, Ste 110
Bellevue, WA 98004

Shore Seekers by SimplyFun is a creative, engaging board game that supports your child in learning and practicing addition and early multiplication skills! This game comes complete with one game board, seven turtle pawns, seven turtle color cards, twenty-four clutch cards, three dice, and one rule booklet. All these materials are high-quality. The little turtle pawns are wood pieces painted in bright colors, the board is sturdy, and the cards are thick with rounded edges. Everything is packaged in a large game box with a plastic insert inside to keep all your pieces organized. You can play the game with up to seven players, so our whole family could play together- we even got Nana to play a few rounds! Shore Seekers is available on for $36. 

In our house, we play many board games. Any time we can play a game instead of pulling out our workbooks, we all get excited. We have played Shore Seekers countless times since we first got it, and it is still a blast! The rules booklet is simple and easy to understand. We were able to review the rules quickly and start playing right away without any confusion. If you prefer video instruction, you can find a quick demonstration video on the SimplyFun website! On your turn, you can choose to roll up to three dice and add up the total number. Then, you multiply that total by the number of dice you decided to roll. On every turn, my kids are practicing simple addition and early multiplication skills! 

The game's goal is to get your turtles to the nesting site to collect cards as they "lay eggs." I am thrilled that not only are we practicing math skills, but we are also learning about the life cycle of sea turtles! The board is covered in beautiful, vibrant colors. It serves as a visual representation of the sea turtles leaving the coral reef, searching for their nesting site, laying eggs, and then returning to the coral reef only to repeat it all again.

We absolutely love playing Shore Seekers. This game is very well-made, aesthetically pleasing, and great fun for the whole family! The game is recommended for ages seven and up; however, we found that even our three-year-old could get in on the fun with support. Because of the excellent quality, I'm sure it will last for many years. We will be keeping this one on our shelf to continue to play and share with friends. After playing Shore Seekers, I am excited to try more games by SimplyFun! 

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, July 2021