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My Calendar Wall Hanging (Blue) Review by Rebekah Rubingh

CDK Kids (CDK Enterprises, Inc.)

Teaching children to recognize days of the year, months, and seasons does not have to be strictly an assignment. It can be engaging and exciting for both you, your child, and when trying out the My Calendar Wall Hanging by CDK Kids, even my big girls wanted a chance to change all the Velcro patches.

My two, four, and six-year-old were super excited to try out the My Calendar Wall Hanging, and really, I was too! The three youngest children could hardly wait for me to open the box and get it set up on the wall. The Wall Calendar is 15" x 25" and comes with various Velcro patches that include weather, days, seasons, months, years, and the numbers 1-9.  We started by having them each take two days a week to change the date patches and weather patches. (We did not utilize on Sundays) However, we ran into a few problems when the older girls, ages eight and ten, decided they wanted a turn as well and started changing the date before the little ones could.  So, we started having the two older girls completely rearrange the dates and weather conditions each night, and the younger ones figure out what the older girls had done and then correctly fix the following day. This worked exceptionally well, and we had fewer upset children vying for turns.

I wish the dowel was a little longer and that the pockets were a bit easier to get into for mom-sized hands, but other than that, it did not fail to impress. For those who may have a passel of little girls, CDK Kids also has a My Calendar Wall Hanging in Pink, which I thought looked adorable, and a light blue. While the Blue costs around 43.95, the pink and light blue are 37.95. Some may consider the price to be a bit steep, but CDK Kids will send you Velcro years as you run out as an added incentive to buy. So, while our calendar patches go to 2027 as soon as 2028 arrives, I can contact CDK Kids, and they will send me a 2028 patch for free.

-Product review by Rebekah Rubingh, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, July 2021