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Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore Review by Jenny Underwood

Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc.

We were able to review Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore from Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. this winter. This DVD is approximately sixty minutes long plus bonus features. Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore is also available to stream from Amazon and VIMEO On Demand.

First, the DVD is of excellent quality in both picture and sound. Second, I felt it was highly professional and would enjoy more productions by this company.

My son has always loved trains, so this was an exciting DVD for him. But all our children, ages 10, 7, 4, and 2, loved this movie. We have watched it over and over! Not only is it highly entertaining, with great music, but it is very educational.

In the movie, we got to see all kinds of steam trains, from the large ones to the tiny ones. There was even a steam train an individual used to haul logs through his property. Of course, the children wanted to try this on our property. One of our favorites included watching how the steam train plowed snow off the train tracks and spewed the snow out of the top and off the tracks. We decided those would be some fun snowdrifts to play in!

There was such a large variety of steam trains. We especially liked the older trains; those seemed so classy and beautiful! They added another fun thing -older model trucks (from the '20s and 30s) and people dressed from that era.

I found this was a perfect educational movie to help my children learn about steam trains. A bonus was a video about the caboose. None of us had known much about the caboose, just that we liked them. After watching this section, though, we learned all about the beginnings, uses, and finally, the caboose's ending.

Steam trains are such an incredible part of our history, and not only are they beautiful, but they have so many uses, even in today's world. This DVD would make an excellent addition to American history on transportation.

I would highly recommend this video for fun viewing and to increase your children's knowledge about steam trains. We all agreed this was a fantastic movie and decided we needed to go on another train ride! This DVD would make the perfect gift for any child who loves trains, but honestly, it is an excellent movie for anyone. These are priced under $15, so they are a great bargain too!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, February 2021