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Leviticus Review by Rebekah Rubingh

Catherine Zoller
(918) 928-2608
P.O. Box 470994,
Tulsa, OK 74147

Books for children that present the gospel in an easy-to-understand form are rare, and even rarer are those that present Leviticus in a readable format, so our family was excited to read Catherine Zoller's Rhyme and Reason Series hardcover book Leviticus. The biblical book of Leviticus is told in whimsical poetical meter and enhanced with Mr. Sketches' eye-popping illustrations.

Mrs. Zoller does a phenomenal job presenting a hard-to-understand book of the Bible for children, and even many adults, into a delight. She even touches on how the Old Testament laws, ceremonies, and sacrifices allude to New Testament promises at the end of Leviticus.  

The cost of this book may deter many at $20.00 each, but keep in mind that all the books in the Rhyme and Reason series are hardcover, and the illustrations cover every inch of the page.

My children all enjoyed this book; my daughter, eight, loved how Mrs. Zoller metered the priestly garments.

While we all loved reading through Leviticus, I was uncomfortable with the pictorial portrayals of Jesus because our family prefers not to have images of Jesus around our house.  However, many others will find this book and the rest of Catherine Zoller's Rhyme and Reason series a welcome addition to their home and church libraries.

Product review by Rebekah Rubingh, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2021