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BibleFaces Review by Jenny Underwood

Dr. Dick Stenbakken
2493 Frances Drive
Loveland, Colorado 80537

I think most people would have to say they enjoy a good story, especially when told by an expert storyteller.  That is why we were excited when we were given Faces Around the Manger, a DVD of live presentations by Dr. Richard Stenbakken. This DVD includes six different portrayals from the birth of Jesus.

The characters included are Herod the Great, Joseph the Carpenter, The Magi, Jesse the Innkeeper, James the Just, and A Shepherd Remembers.  In each section, Dr. Richard is dressed and speaks in character. He desires to make the Bible come alive in your mind and heart.

This is an excellent opportunity to enrich your children's Biblical and historical knowledge. A study guide is included and is quite in-depth.  Not only could you use this as part of a history or Bible program, but you can also do a unit study on Christmas with these as a basis!

These would also be perfect for small group or church Bible study. When you watch these, you will realize these were people just like you and me. It is a fantastic opportunity for your children to understand what life was like in Jesus's time. It was a harsh and brutal life in many ways that we do not fully appreciate in our current culture.

The whole purpose behind these portrayals is to show Jesus to you and bring Him alive in your heart and life!  Dr. Stenbakken has traveled all over, putting on these presentations. He has even been at the Pentagon and U.S. Senate.  These are thoroughly researched and Biblically and historically accurate; however, some literary license has been taken.

I recommend these not only as a learning supplement but also as an enjoyable and entertaining video for the whole family.  I will note that the study guide is geared toward older individuals. If you are using these with younger children or even teens, you will probably need to tweak the study guide to make it applicable.  All the study materials are duplicable for non-commercial purposes.  Each DVD series is $24.95.

 -Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2021